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❤️ Repost from @2torilla I've always been troubled with inflammation and spots, so when I discovered the Hanacure mask, I thought it was worth a try. 😊 I've done once a week for four weeks, and even though it might not show, I can feel the difference!! I haven't had any outbreaks after I started! My skin is softer and more even. It's very funny to use too! You look like a zombie and the face can't move! 😂 Thank you @hanacureeffect

Skylers transformation -> Repost from @skylersw84 I love this mask. I bought the Starter Kit and absolutely loved the results that I immediately bought the Set. I've used it once a week for the last few weeks, and I can tell a noticeable difference in my skin. I haven't had one pimple since I started. Before I tried it, I'd been experiencing some breakouts each month. I've also noticed that the little lines on my forehead have diminished significantly. Right after I use the mask, they are totally gone, but they come back smaller in the next day or two. I've recommended this mask to all my friends. I think the creepy look of the mask in action is also a fun experience for the user. It makes the after effect so wonderful! The #hanacure mask is amazing! It also will scare the shit out of your husband. Win-win!

Working as a beauty model in NYC, skin is my most important feature. Around my nose and high cheekbone I've started showing a lot of texture so i wanted to give something a try that wasn't invasive. My skin is so smooth right now and maybe it isn't a huge change in the photo but I am a believer. I can't wait to see what 3 more masks will do. The texture of my skin is so smooth, I'd say this is something makeup artists should put on their clients before big shoots. I feel great! And also, it's a bit of an adventure trying not to laugh at yourself in the mirror while it's on.
Jen @jedan711
#1mask #nomakeup

Repost from @elouisea55 before and after, and some frightening 'during' pics of my first try of the Hanacure effect. Love it.

Repost from @lauren_pil First this stuff makes you look 20 yrs older and you can't move your face... Then it makes you look 10 years younger. #craziestfacemaskever #itskindaamazing #totallyworks #itsmagic

Top left before
Top right 2 Masks
Bottom after 11 Masks @itslaladaly

Thank you for giving me confidence again. -Paul K. 1 mask

Repost from @ginaw1124 left is after my first hanacure mask about a month or so ago and right is today after my fourth mask. I am so happy with the results! My skin is overall tighter and brighter! Definitely helped around my eyes but my favorite benefit is the obvious reduction in my nasolabial folds!!!!! I was at the point of filler but I am so terrified of anything unnatural in my body. I am THRILLED I found your mask as a solution. I see continued improvement and it's given me hope! Thank you so much!!❤😗

@bettertomorrow1205 using 1 mask. As a building contractor based in Los Angeles, I am probably exposed to some of the worst possible elements that could damage one's skin. The scorching California sun, combined with concrete dust, saw dust not to mention the various kinds of building material chemicals that are unavoidable in my profession. All meticuloulsy coated over the skin layer of sun block, possibly my only futile attempt to care for my skin. The first time I tried hanacure was right after such work day where I had combination of old paint dust sweat and high spf sunblock. I think i read another user mention they felt as though their face was being sucked off. Possibly exaggerated but there is not a hint of exagerration when I tell you, as the thin layer of mask brushed over my face dried out, it felt as though the decades of accumulated toxins deep within my pores were being sucked out against their will. As this was happening I stopped and started to worry something of this strength must be hard to wash off. The second biggest shocker after the sucking power of this product was the washing off. As soon as the lukewarm water made contact with the dried mask, it was easily washed off to reveal a smoother more evenly toned texture. I know this sounds strange, but my face even feels smaller and I look more alive.

ABC 19th Season The Bachelor and Blogger @beccatilley 🖤🖤🖤

Hanacure Tip: Blowdry for maximum tightening effects. @domi.sof

Repost from blogger @aclotheserlook I absolutely love it and can't wait to use it again! It's unique and unlike any other masks that I've tried. Within minutes, I could feel the mask tightening which was very surprising. It left my face feeling smooth and am curious to see how my skin will change in the next few weeks.
Hanacure tip: Don't forget to paint the under eye area. It can help with signs of fatigue and reduce under eye puffiness. Xo

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