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hana_chung  5/16/15♡

(excuse the awful quality) had to use a little throwback to the first day you asked me to be your girlfriend. 2 years later I never knew how much you would change my world. 2 years of endless laughs, smiles and love from you and I couldn't be happier. happy 2 years babe💖 - also RIP to that car. but you got a hemi now so vroom vroom 🏎

me: "i need a caption" chase: "this is my boyfriend" so here ya go folks

tomorrow is our year and 10 months but i like this pic so here it is, love ya lots babe

went to my first race, got a sunburn, froze to death and then Chase Elliot still lost but at least I had the cutest date there 💙🏎

#mcm to my fav snow buddy💖

been together for 2 thanksgivings but haven't been able to spend them together, but always thankful for this babe 💖

it's my baby's birthday!!! sorry but i totally had to use the middle picture, i mean come on, it's your birthday and it's #gatorhateweek 😉 i hope you have the best birthday ever cause you get to spend the whole day with me!!! happy birthday🎂🎉 i love you❤️❤️

one year and five months w/ my dude💞 thanks for cheating to win my prizes😉

#nationalboyfriendday to my lovvaaa 💓

i needed a reason to post a picture and today is our 16 month anniversary so i guess that's a reason💘

today my best friend came into my work and I legit almost cried I was so happy I love you hales

just cause I'm really wishing I could see all my best friends real soon (not videoed @alysonbarfield & @emily_jones9 )
@sarah_eckert_ @emily_rayyyy @kaley_foust @katelin_simpson @haleyacollins @brittanyevans24 come home I miss you all more than you know

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