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hannah dwyer  Started in a teardrop, now we here. Then we had a Scamp, now the whole team here... Livin the dream in a 1979 Airstream. 💃🏼🕺🏻 📍RRG, KY


Ok, the truth is, I’ve been really busy lately. Busy cuddling with this lil nugget!!! She’s fuzzy and snuggly and talkative and she’s really good at distracting us from the fact that we haven’t been able to climb very much. Though I doubt she’ll help us dig the Airstream out of the snow today so we can drive it to Chattanooga 😸😸😸 and finally get to some climbing again!

Waffles cards are finally for sale in my shop! Whew! It only took me 5 months to check that off my list 😅 But you shouldn't procrastinate with buying some because I only have 10 left for sale!! 🐻🐻🐻 (link in profile)

Having so much fun projecting the routes that used to be my warm-ups 😹 and making sure to use ALL the no-hands kneebars!!! 💪🏼❤️🍁 (photo is obviously by @lightningsnaps 😉)

When the rock gets completely soaked with condensation in a matter of minutes. I feel like it's talking to us, saying 'welcome back!!' 😹💦😑

After 5 months of being parked in this spot, we said goodbye to Lander and pulled the rig all the way to Kentucky! 5 months is a long time for us to stay in one area. But we loved it there and made lots of new friends and hopefully will make it back someday soon ❤️ Now, it's time to get our butts kicked on some overhanging sandstone 💪🏼

✨2 years ✨ of laughing with (and at) this guy... •

fun facts about johnny: he's teaching himself how to code, he's gotten pretty decent at skateboarding this year and is a great role model for the kids at the skatepark, and he is the head chef of the airstream! (seriously tho, i hardly ever cook bc he's so good at it) ❤️ photo by @thefoxesphotography in the Gorge last year. also we are SO psyched to be back in the red in just 1 week!!!!! 😻

Words seem to come out dry this morning, but my heart feels flooded... Sometimes it seems that risk and passion go hand-in-hand. And I've met few people as passionate as Hayden and Inge. Although I only knew her a short time, days spent climbing with Inge were some of my favorites this summer. It's obvious that she and Hayden are sorely missed by many, but i'm sure their incredibly positive impact on this community will live on ❤️ #trustinthenatureofthings

we get our 💡🔌🔋 from the ☀️!!! and now, thanks to some really sticky tape, we have 3 panels on our ROOF!!! it was a tight fit (and actually one of them had to go over a vent 😂) but we finally did this and it is a huge weight off our shoulders.... now, about that water pump that suddenly started malfunctioning last night 🤦🏼‍♀️🚰🙃 i guess it's what we get for buying a 40 yr old house on wheels but i wouldn't trade it for anything #liveriveted ❤️

Hard to believe it's been almost 2 months since we brought this buddy home and just immediately started living in it. We moved all our stuff from the Scamp to the Airstream, sold the Scamp, and then came the really fun part: cleaning and renovating the Airstream (WHILE LIVING IN IT) 🙀 Are we crazy? YES!! Is it going well? Yeah, actually it's going surprisingly well. •

We've assessed all current leaks and are dealing with some moldy insulation. We already painted the living room and kitchen to freshen it up inside. And as you can see here, we are stripping off the ugly, peeling clear coat. It won't be perfectly shiny but it will look much nicer. Next step is to mount solar panels and reinsulate our floor with less moldy insulation. We only have 1 month left here in Lander! Back on the road soon and psyched for winter 😻❄️☀️☃️🚀

As the mountains are now getting a fresh dumping of snow, it seems that we got lucky with the last good climb-in-a-tshirt weather window. Back at work again and wishing I could just rewind to this perfect moment on top of Wolf's Head. 😻#blueraspberrylake

Hiking into the Cirque at night and navigating talus fields in pitch black is so worth it when you get to wake up to this. 😻

My first time backpacking and alpine climbing was very magical. Coming home to find that some of our stuff was stolen was not very magical. 😡 ... But it's just "stuff", and we're still alive and healthy and living the best life possible ✌🏼

This is probably the best thing ever to get me psyched about sport climbing again. Kittycat draw tags from @ashschenck @quickdrawtags 🐈😻🐈😻🐈Thanks Ash, love them!! but first, headed up to the Cirque for a few days of mountain scramblin! 😸🙀😼😻

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