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Chippie  🐹I'm a russian dwarfhamster🐹 ✋I'm 10 months old✋ 👦I'm a boy👦

Hi! [It's not my real cage😂 My owner is cleaning my cage, that's why I'm in this minicage]

What is this weird thing that my owner spins the whole time💕😂

So this thing happend to me... Since a week (I think) I have a kinda white eye 😩
I did some research and I think that it's cataracta (or something like that) and that his eye is becoming blind. It's actully not a big problem, bc hamsters already have a bad sight anyway. Chippie is acting normal, so that's good😄
If anyone knows something about this, please comment, or feel free to dm me. Thank you 💕💕


I'm 1 year old❤🎉
My owner made a little hamster safe cake for me😍

⚠️this is not my cage! It's just a box where is sit for 10 minutes while my owner is cleaning my cage⚠️

Me and my hamster😂❤️

Thank you😍😍 @pet_edits_drawings

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