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HAMPUS BOTVID👱🏼‍♂️🇸🇪  💊@proteinbolaget Code: ”PBHampus” 🏋🏼‍♂️ @icaniwill Athlete Code: ”Hampus10” 🎥 Youtube: Hampus Botvid - 👇🏼MY LEAN BULKING E-BOOK↙️

Slow concentration curls, Play it hard😎💪🏼 Do you workout on Sundays😊?
Even tho my energy is really low right now, I still enjoy working out because of the sick pumps I get haha🙈 -
Want to know more about how I train and diet? Check out my lean bulking plan in my bio☝🏼

Goodmorning guys let’s kickstart this day, but first coffee ☕️ 🤤
Any coffee lovers out there?🙋🏼‍♂️

What do you think about this outfit? Rate it from 1-10💪🏼😃? @icaniwillmen

For all of you who bought my Barbarian Lean-bulking guide(link in bio), here is how you can add more intensity to the hanging leg raises😊☝🏼

Okej guys my shoulders have never looked this big...🍩🤭 #muffinpumps

Who Will win the OLYMPIA tonight?🏆 Are you watching guys?? I’m so excited😃

Today’s morning shape after my cardio session on an empty stomach, current weight 77,6 kg😊👍🏼 Can’t wait to fill up with 🥞 and get a huge pump💪🏼🤓
How’s your day guys?🙂

My back is Always the first bodypart to get lean when I’m shredding down for some reason🤔 How about you?😊
Välkomna hem till mig på youtube länk i bion😉🎬☝🏼

A1️⃣ Behind Neck press
A2️⃣ Bent-over rear delt raise
B1️⃣ - Seated raises
Tag/share with a friend and build those 3D Delts😍🙏🏼

Building boulder shoulders😃The whole workout will be up tomorrow 💪🏼
The most improvement I’ve made since last year is my shoulders. I try to experiment and find exercises that work for me. And of course lots of volume😎
If you want to know more about how I train and diet check out my lean bulking plan link in bio🙂⤴️

I’ve just moved into my new apartment that is located 100meter from my gym, I guess there will be a lot of gainzzz this year😉💪🏼
If you haven’t yet you can download my FREE chest guide Ebook Link in bio🙂☝🏼

Have a nice weekend everyone and don’t forget that every Monday is a new opportunity to start over and change something you not satisfied with in your life🙏🏼 /your boi after an intense arm sesh💪🏼💦

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