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  In the early 80's I grabbed my boots for a hike and... discovered zymurgy. Bicycles, Brewing, & Environmental Awareness, are important here.

...Meanwhile the wild geese, high in the clean blue air, are heading home again. Whoever you are, no matter how lonely, the world offers itself to your imagination, calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting - over and over announcing your place in the family of things.

#maryoliver #maryoliverquotes #poet #poetrycommunity Thanks@fswfoto

Few hours playing with the #sheltercat. My #hope is providing time socializing with these guys will give them the courage to #adoptahuman. #cinderellapetrescue does admirable work with #petrescue. Would you like a pet? Check out a shelter.

Looking for meaningful #Communityservice that really emphasizes love. Donate some time to a #localpetshelter. There's a multitude of projects waiting. #animalshelter needs include; care, #funding, #publicity, #outreach, and the pets need socializing time so they are ready to be apart of a new home. Here are a few happy cat's having some people time. Check out their Facebook and web pages, Cinderella pet rescue.Org. is in the #LRGV it works through @petsmart & @petco adoption programs here in the upper valley. #rescuecats #rescuecatsofinstagram. It a simple yet important volunteer job for the inner animal lover in you. Cheers 👍🏽#cinderellapetrescue. #Sploot Champion.

Almost a year since my last #snowbite. The lunch rice bowl is pretty darn good and very satisfying. I regularly get pho & bahn mi. But tonight I am making soup and this was a quick in and out. If you want a treat check this out when you are out in Edinburg, TX. Very nice service and good. Cheers 👌🏽

#southtexas got cool last night and my garden #tarantula must have passed away. #pooraragog. Maybe a new one will move in? I hope so. It's so nice to see local wildlife in the park. #nottomentionthepincers #texasspiders #texastarantula #lrgvwildlife #riograndevalleyspider #nicefangs #becarefulwhereyoustep

I better get practicing. @knittingtravels Mother has loaned me her prize #mountaindulcimer so it's #christmassong & #holidaycheer here in #SouthTexas #keepwarm Instagram friends and #enjoytheholidays @jennifergottsche @beerologynoho @alicia_purdy

Hearing the #heavyequipment warming up this morning @nationalbuttetflycenter gave me a #Blue feeling. My morning bicycle circuit has been 🦋cut 🐝 short by the #boarderwall #wallbuilders. This #habitatloss in the #lowerriograndevalley is cutting out vital conservation land that is irreplaceable. Such a destructive waste.

Meeting new friends is exhausting. #highislandtx has some very friendly residents. Nice little kitty with a collar but no bell. She loves leading any walk but every three step forward she stops short to be admired and shoals up "left" to dance and rub against my ankles. Called "Ginger" by @knittingtravels I think a better name is "Clipper", like #guylapointe of the 70-71 #montrealcanadiens.

I like so many aspects of the Mississippian Mounds Culture. But some folks are really into it. Check out this home built right on top of the mound. That's seems like a big step, but not for me.

Since 2010 I have sought and been on the lookout for Indian Mounds and they can be found in so many forms and states. Here you can see a mound right in a residential area. You can see the base of this structure is truncated by the sidewalk. Hmmm? #ceremonialmound #platformmound #residentialmound #miden #conicalmound #domemound

Impressed with early civilization? #Takeacloserlook at who made these ancient wonders. Workers and artists often leave a little touch of themselves in the media. Traveling the Mississippi River many traces of past cultures are on exhibit for all to see and learn from. Cheers

In December 1540, Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto led an army across the Chikashsha, today called the Tombigbee River. He was hunting a city of gold and perhaps de Soto hoped to acquire riches in trading bronze bells and glass beads for gold. Oh brother! Discover the #historyofamerica #parkinarcheologicalstatepark #conquistador and maybe a few #dirtydeals. You might rethink your understandings of our early written history at a national, state and local museum and park. Very informative learning. #stateparklessons #checkoutamuseum Cheers

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