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hammockband  Amman / Josh - "Leawood"

Wake up... Are You Awake?
https://youtu.be/81ozvjN8gf4 @thesummerkills

Congratulations to our friends @ammanandjosh on their upcoming release “Places." It's one of our favorite ambient releases, and we even appear on the album's closing track. Click the link in our bio to hear "Leawood."

The Night You Caught on Fire...

We've just released "The Night You Caught on Fire" and "Clinging," our first digital-only release in the tradition of 45 RPM, A / B singles. Check the link in our Bio. We hope you enjoy them.
Album artwork photograph, "Untitled (Orb)", is by @jaredragland from the series "Everything is Going to Be All Right", a meditation on the Walker Percy novel, "The Moviegoer".


New music coming this Friday...

“We have fallen into the place where everything is music.” -Rumi

Regarding The Summer Kills: We were always fans of @matthewryan101’s work. We learned that he was a mutual admirer of ours, so we approached him about a collaboration. The idea of having a poet we admired lend a script to our music was the initial attraction, but like any true collaboration, it had a momentum all its own. We pulled words out of him that seemed effortless in their delivery, and he pulled us into new and exciting sonic territory. Three 'heart-on-sleeves' artists combined to make an ‘emotional atomic bomb’ style of record, or as Matthew Ryan sings in our song ‘Challenger vs. Stars’, an ‘existential atom bomb’. The aftermath was beautiful.

[SIC] Magazine takes a “First Glance” and writes beautifully about our forthcoming full length, Last Night We Became Swans.
Thank You, [SIC] Magazine. “The Summer Kills is a collaborative project between [sic] ambient faves, Hammock and singer/songwriter Matthew Ryan. The debut album Last Night We Became Swans is already available for pre-order and described as ‘a study in contrasts’. Expansive yet tight, physical and intelligent, mannerly and immensely urgent. Last Night We Became Swans ‘luxuriates in the paradoxes of love — its euphoria and its plodding routines. It meditates on the life-changing jolt of new love or sudden violence.’
It took seven years for this record to come to fruition. “The reason we’ve waited so long to realize it is mainly due to the fact that we’re relentlessly stubborn,” Marc Byrd and Andrew Thompson of Hammock say. “We were dedicated to it being as perfect as possible,” Ryan adds. “Having to satisfy each of our instincts and standards.” Hammock are established as leaders in versatile post-rock composition, and Matthew Ryan is an acclaimed songwriter about whom adjectives like “gritty” and “blue collar” are bandied about far too much. The combination, like a rough hand on a silk dress, is arresting. They collaborated with Peter Katis, who works with artists ranging from The National to Japandroids, to mix the resultant album, and the result is a lush and immediate soundtrack to a modern love story.
Having had several Editors album of the year slots from us, we have been huge champions of Hammock music here at [sic] Vocal collaborations have always been a valuable and healthy staple for the band. Yet these have tended to be one-offs. I refer you to ‘No Agenda’ from the Asleep In The Downlights EP (Also bundled onto the EPs , Singles and Remixes double album compilation). A whole album of the Nashville duo with a dedicated singer could be very interesting indeed. Early indicators put me in mind of James’ Laid period when the Mancunians worked with Brian Eno. Such contrasting artists, on paper it really shouldn’t have worked. Yet it did work.
Keep watching this space.

@MatthewRyan101 wrote some beautiful words about our new @TheSummerKills single. It's the title track of our new record, "Last Night We Became Swans." We're super proud of this one... it's a work of beauty, and the lyrics... oh my, the lyrics. Click the link in the bio to read what this lovely soul has to say about it and to see the full video.

New music from The Summer Kills tomorrow.
Beautiful stuff. Can’t wait for you to hear it. Be sure to have a great set of headphones with you (or real speakers nearby) for your first listen.

Repeat/Texture These four pieces were previously available only physically, as one side of a numbered white LP (also listed on this page), which was offered in 2016 as part of a deluxe package. Digital cover artwork, "Ghost of a Season" (2014), by Lisa Iglesias. http://shop.hammockmusic.com/album/repeat-texture-2

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