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Hammie  Yay! FINALLY got my own IG pg, I'm very spoiled n very photogenic! I love snacks, being silly n relaxing.My b-day Mar 31 2013.

Hey! I know you see n hear me! Helloooo!

As well as a video of me washing the drull off my face. She has no sympathy for me in the mornings just like I have none for her full bladder in the mornings. Fair compromise?!

Morning photo shot w meowmie. Why yes, I do have her blocked in bed so she can't get out to go to the bathroom. Yes, this is her pay back, multiple pics of me.

Now that meowmie is back, we can resume our regular routine. Like her taking pics of me while I'm trying to get my sleep on. Night night furriends.

Just taking a quick nap on meowmie. Listening to her heartbeat to make sure that I am not dreaming.

Oh meowmie how I missed you. Missed our cuddle sessions. You can't be leaving me like that. I don't care if it was just to spend time w meowntie for your bday. Take me w You! I don't love D'ante like I love you. You know it's that meowmie only kind of love!

Meowmie is home! Meowmie us back home! Purrs n cuddle time!

Just heard that meowmie is on her way back to me!!!! I'm pretty sure she knows that I have a lot to tell her after I give her more than an earful about leaving me home for the 2nd time since Aug 13th. Yes, I keep track of her leaving me!

No, I don't want to video chat with you. You left me to go see Auntie in Gainesville! When do come back home? DON'T make me call cps (cat protective services) on you! I'm not trying to love on D'ante like I love on you. Missing my meowmie!! #abandonmentissues #kittyneglect

Afternoon clouds prior to the 10 mins of rain downpour.

Morning cloudiness after early morning rain.

Too late she Did! You have to turn your volume up loud n listen very closely. #noshame #snoringkitty

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