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Here’s me....I have realized that sometimes what we see and what’s there are 2 different things. When I went to Guatemala I had a few of the girls say....I thought you were going to be serious and quiet. I laughed!! And that made me consider the portrayal I was giving here. Yes...I love Textiles and I love presenting them in a way that draws you in. Our editorial perspective is shown Because I am truly passionate about bringing my absolute best to this. But underneath all of this is a girl that has a story most of you may not know. My husband and I have walked through the indefinite possibility that our daughter would die at birth. We waited for 3 years for her to pass away and each year she grew stronger and more miraculous. She is now almost 8. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and hypo-plastic left heart, and was given no more than a few hours to live. This has impacted our story in massive ways......but despite all of that I am not serious. Opposite of that. I’m kind of a big kid at heart. A jokester. Sarcastic, sometimes self-deprecating. Anxiety ridden at times but also love to laugh. I am drawn to People that cuss—because I have found they are really REAL. They have a lot in there they aren’t Afraid to share. I love bold loving honesty and not a facade. I am drawn to entrepreneurs, and people that are in need...the outcast. I am a little odd...I stretch a lot in public, I burp, and my friends call me a little “extra” but I am drawn to “Extra” in others. Right now I’m learning to put my feet where my mouth is. God doesn’t care about your talk. I’m learning To be more honest (which is scary) and set boundaries and be a peacemaker and not a peacekeeper. To ABIDE. To be more intentional. I want this to be a honest place, that is more than Rugs. I want to hear about you 👇🏻📷: @carlaypage

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The prettiest rug and bath combo I ever did see, and this soft piece is up on the web. Shop link in profile ☝️we also added a $200 off discount for any rugs over $1500 until New Year’s Eve! We have never run a discount before, so get it while it’s hot. We love you guys! Xoxo, V 📷: @carlaypage

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“Lei” is up at semikahtextiles.com/ you wanted pink rugs, we delivered!! 📷: @carlaypage

When God wants to drill a man, And thrill a man, and skill a man; When God wants to mold a man to play the noblest part; When he yearns with all his heart, to create so great and bold a man...That all the world shall be amazed, Watch his methods, watch his ways. How he ruthlessly perfects whom he royally elects! How he hammers him and hurts him, And with mighty blows converts him...into trial shapes of clay, Which only God understands, While his tortured heart is crying, and he lifts beseeching hands. How he bends but never breaks When his good he undertakes; How he uses whom he chooses, And with every purpose fuses him; By every act induces him to try His splendor out—God knows what’s He’s about. {this spoke to me today at church} I will be posting some of our story this month...how we got here, and who we are now. 📷: @carlaypage

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It’s snowing today in Michigan and I am headed to a @peaceandtoil pop up to get me some plants, and In the mean time leaving you with some brass and pink inspo. Im hoping pink sticks around for another 20 years. I didn’t realize it was my favorite until I saw the home of @jennalyonsstyle on the neotrad blog. www.neotrad.com Go check It out!!! 📷: @carlaypage

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I’ve had this textile since trip 2. Carley grabbed a shot of it when we went to essaouira on trip 1 and it happened to still be there 6 months later. So it had to come home with us. Thinking of listing this soon, if you can convince me to part with it ❤️📷: @carlaypage

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My beautiful friend @peaceandtoil is doing a big brave thing and stepping out into a business of her own. I know the good and hard road that is involved in a start up and I am so proud of her big heart and hard work she has poured into it. I get the privilege of meeting her for breakfast while she lets me pour out my deepest thoughts. She is an amazing listener, and lets me say it all with no judgments....so y’all need to go find yourself a @alexianadlou if you are local to Grand Rapids MI, she is hosting a pop up shop and she would love to see you there!! For all you plant loving hippie hearts...go check it out.
Small baby details:
holiday pop-up selling specialty home botanicals at Blueprint Collaborative (859 Fulton W) from 10a-6p with other wonderful vendors on Saturday, December 9
See y’all there!!! 📷: @carlaypage

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Lately we have a thing for bedrooms, and I won’t lie.....This fabulous Beni hasn’t been listed yet because I love it. But I soon shall part with it, so stay tuned!!! On a more personal note, the last 2 holidays have been rough and it’s put a bitter taste in my mouth for this time of year (that used to be really important to me because it meant celebrating Jesus birth and being with my people) I decided today to bring the joy back by planning traditions for our kids surrounding Christmas, I just need the extra push of serotonin to get my self moving. 📷: @carlaypage @riadmena_beyond

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It’s a wrap! We just finished with the shoot. Couldn’t have done it without my buddies @carlaypage @canary_lane & @graceandpiece. We are no where near done with our renovation but I am so happy to have our Master bedroom finished. This was collected and curated over the last 1.5 years and has some of my favorite things in one space. A huge thank you goes to Textile designer @wendymorrisondesign for the custom quilt. Tap for tags!! Xoxo, V 📷: @carlaypage

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Always dreaming of rugs......📷: @carlaypage

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“Vega” has Been a hot rug on our website and one of our favorites to date. On a side note: We are getting ready to shoot our home Reno project this weekend. This is a good week to see my best @carlaypage, I won’t lie and tell you it was a simple process. We may have been washing our dishes outside for 4 months and slept on a mattress that our son peed on 6 times. I’m sure these are things people don’t share about home Reno’s but you know me. I don’t beat around the bush. Thankfully at the end of it all we get to curate a space that feels like us and most of all, allows us to bring everyone and their brother into our home. We knew from the beginning when we chose a house with a pool it wouldn’t just be for our own enjoyment. Can’t wait to show you guys. Xoxo, V 📷: @carlaypage 10’8 x 6’4 Moroccan Vintage Boujad •

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We have had a rough week over at the Hamlet’s. Instagram has been a creative place for me to get away and breathe, but lately I feel burdened to share more than rugs and interiors. If any of you are interested in regular blog posts comment below. We have rolled out a few posts but want to expand this area even further. They could be on any subject ranging from interiors to how to juggle mom life as a working mom. We hope you all had a lovely thanksgiving. Ours was hard this year, but we are pressing forward and can’t wait to show you some new rugs on the site in the next few days. Xoxo, V 📷: @carlaypage

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