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Hamdy Hamzah 

Dubai treating us to a breathtaking sunset before we head to Italy tomorrow.

When the clouds decided to join the sunrise.

I could wake up to this view everyday.

We keep this love in a photograph. We made these memories for ourselves. Where our eyes are never closing. Hearts are never broken. Times forever frozen still. - Ed Sheeran

Wonderful lunch of roast beef set from the lovely people of @tigafolksnco The duck in the pasta was the star. @hahafizah U will love this.

Everyday when i wake up, i thank Allah for loaning you to us. Don't grow up too fast Hannah.

Happy us having breakfast. Good morning.

Morning walk & breakfast at Botanical Gardens with this little one.

Hannah decides to start 2017 with a splash.

Sumptuous lunch we had earlier at the cooling slopes of Lembang, Bamdung.

Good morning Bandung.

Lovely sunset hues on West Coast Highway during our drive back from sending @hahafizah @deloreanflight to the airport.

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