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RebelJustForKicks  Brain cancer survivor. Say more than "hi". Don't show me your dick if I don't ask to see it. I want to be your goddess. I want to know your secrets.

been sick af🤮 🤢🤒🤧staying in and in bed for a few days now 😭 sorry to anyone I haven't responded to, i've been busy dying but as soon i'm back alive i'm coming for you!! #sick #flu #sad

I got new shoes today



come on in... I won't hurt you ;) #uvula #tongue #vore #goddess #giantess #tonsils #thickgirlsclub

my cat

this is how Nanna and I watch #thehandmaidstale

Papi let me open a xmas gift early, he said it wouldn't fit in my stocking ;) thank you boo, we are groot.


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