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The Ham & Cheese Co  Cheese and salumi sourced from small-batch producers in Italy and France

Rare breed nduja and sopressata from the wonderful pig farmer/ bus driver/ deputy village mayor Tonino Sansone at #spaterminus today

Little hands

Prepping Aldo Zivieri’s whopping great prosciutto cotto di Mora Romagnola ready for Saturday’s retail at #spaterminus. #rareitalianbreeds #cookedham

Heat, footballing immortality and buffalo mozzarella; I have died and gone to Italy. We have had the same mozzarella supplier for 10 years and can’t get enough of its milky, slightly sour flavour #buffalomozzarella #paestum #pianodelsele

Arrivals this week from Italy. Clockwise from top left:prosciutto from Le Marche ( Passamonti ), soppressa all’Amarone ,porchetta ,coppa from the Veneto ( Caprini), pancetta arrotolata , lombo , capocollo from Tuscany ( Carlo Pieri ) , pecorino San Giorgio and semi-stagionata from Le Marche ( Cau e Spada), bresaola & carne salata from Val Malenca ( Mario Bossio Cardinale )

Levi Gregoris says that the final quality of an aged San Daniele comes 70% from the raw materials and 30% from the skill of the ham maker. He pays extra to select from the tiptop hams at his chosen abattoir in Piedmont and from those top 20% he rejects roughly a quarter. We’re prepping this ham for Saturday at Spa Terminus so come and see what you think of it between 8am and 2pm #spaterminus #prosciuttosandaniele

Cheeks and loins marchigiano style (and ready for us in 2 weeks) #salumiitaliani #charcuterie

and as if by magic.. a ton of parmesan on the shelves #parmesan #italiancheese

Piggy pic #salumi

Jean François often sends us photos from Béarn and his flock of Basco-béarnaise sheep, a low-yielding, hardy breed adapted to life in the high Pyrenees. This is May in beautiful Lescun #brebisfermier #béarn

The big day is here and the first of the new season Brebis has arrived. It is, as ever, delicious; a firm, creamy paste and an incredible mix of milky sweetness and savoury, animal flavours. Jeanfrancois Nouqueret is a flipping genius. It’s a cheese that is cooked on a camping stove so there’s never loads. Come and get it at Spa Terminus every Saturday. For a bit.. #spaterminus #bearn #brebisfermier

In his soppresse all’Amarone Eugenio uses the loin, shoulder, ham and coppa - le parti nobili - so he makes little else. The soppresse, made by his father, grandfather and great grandfather before him, are his passion. Production stops in a couple of weeks and will restart in October when it’s cooler. Time for porchetta instead that is rolled and roasted with fennel, rosemary, tamarind and garlic #soppressa #soppressaveneta

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