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halzbaby  Nostalgia and hope stand equally in the way of authentic experience.

The dogs and I were fortunate enough to find a bounty of elderberries on our forage walk today! I'm going to be tincturing and syruping these for fall this year. Usually I pay high prices for these products. Silly of me to do so when they grow everywhere πŸ’—#ratherhuntgather #forage #rewild #elderberry #wildmedicine

Made it to Durango πŸ’—

Sisterhood of the traveling outfit @alyssahaynie @robbiemarie1986 @cglemser

Yo I made my own pear cider (perry). I used the wild yeasts present on the pears and let them do their job making it all boozy. #fermentation #wildfermentation #perry #cider #brew

All my love to @kosmarastio. Who would we both be without this friendship? It sparked in the den of the devil himself and was forged on the road, atop mountains and always under the stars. Your brilliance, balance, love and acceptance never cease to amaze me. Ps- thanks for showing me around this spooky old pioneer house and teaching me cool knots and plants to eat. I can't wait to spend this fall and winter exploring this great wide world with you. #hikearkansas

All these beautiful flowers were harvested, dried and mixed for a fall medicinal tea. Pictured is calendula, California Poppy and echinacea. I also added chamomile. Had a glass yesterday, so yum πŸ’— #medicinalherbs #organicfarming #flowers #wildedibles

Biggest tomato I've ever seen. I harvested 10lbs of tomatoes today and made salsa and ketchup! #organicfarming #tomato

I am building a big hugelkultur bed for some friends in Jasper. This is my favorite style of garden bed. So far everything has been acquired on site. The first layer is dead wood and we are backfilling with some of the poor red clay soils. Over time the microbial action of this self-composting raised bed will break down the wood, releasing its nutrients for plant uptake and transforming the red clay into a viable growing medium of rich, living soil. This is just the first tier of the bed, who would be interested in a workshop on building these? I am also for hire to build as well! #hugelkultur #organicfarming #permaculture #gardening #homegarden

Beautiful reishi healer friend. #fungi #reishi #mushroom #hikearkansas #adaptogens

Harvesting chamomile with @dirtjoy. As soon as I approached the flower this became special and emotional to me. I realized just how integral chamomile has been in my life. As young child my mom brewed chamomile tea for me before bed each night, and when I was old enough I began to brew it for her each night. I have always had a deep connection with and love for tea, but especially you chamomile. Thank you for the gift of your harvest. @circleyogashala

Burfday with babes 😍 @cglemser @robbiemarie1986 and Missing @alyssahaynie.

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