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Halo  The official feed of 343 Industries, developers of Halo. #Halo #HCS Halo 5: Guardians is out now for Xbox One. ESRB Rating: Teen

New Mombasa’s AI Superintendent managed a vast array of municipal functions within the city. Superintendent carried a hidden subroutine called “Vergil,” designed by the construct’s architect, Doctor Daniel Endesha, to care for his daughter, Sadie. #FictionFriday
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The year started off strong with numerous Halo community creations gracing our timelines every day. Check out the best of them in the first Community Spotlight of 2019 by using the link in our bio! #HaloSpotlight
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Hop into a Mongoose Sumo match in Action Sack or BXR your opponents in Halo 2 BR Slayer – the choice is yours. Both playlists have returned to Halo 5 for a limited time!

We are pleased to announce that the @DarkHorseComics Halo: Collateral Damage Hardcover, which contains all three issues of the comic mini-series along with additional bonus content, is available in stores today!
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It all comes down to this! The Grand Finals of @UGCevents' #HaloClassic between TOX Gaming and Denial Esports is now live on mixer.com/UGCevents & twitch.tv/UGC. Lock it up!
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Championship Sunday at @UGCevents' #HaloClassic is live! Teams are battling it out for their share of the prize pool and a chance to go to the #HCS Invitational in March. Tune in now on mixer.com/UGCevents & twitch.tv/UGC!
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The second day of Halo 3 competition is underway at @UGCevents' #HaloClassic. Watch as teams fight to make it to Championship Sunday on mixer.com/UGCevents & twitch.tv/UGC!
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Halo 3 is back on the mainstage with the #HaloClassic by @UGCevents. Tune in live on mixer.com/UGCevents & twitch.tv/UGC!

The UNSC was created during the Interplanetary Wars in 2163. Though legally and financially subservient to the government, the UNSC has always enjoyed considerable operational autonomy during periods of emergency, such as the Insurrection and the Covenant War. #FictionFriday #halo #xbox

The first Community Update of 2019 is here! We're back with plenty of #HCS action, Halo 5 Free Play Days, novels, comics, and lots more. Jump in to give it a read and stay in the loop using the link in our bio!
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Xbox Live Gold members can play Halo 5 for free today through Sunday as part of Xbox Free Play Days. Jump in and join the Master Chief for an action-packed weekend!

#TodayInHalo, 2537 – Professor Anders and Spartan Jerome-092 are awoken from cryosleep to deal with a Flood outbreak on the UNSC Spirit of Fire. #FictionFriday
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