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Halo  The official feed of 343 Industries, developers of Halo. #halo #HCS Halo 5: Guardians is out now for Xbox One. ESRB Rating: Teen

Reach may fall but Spartans never die. Learn a lesson in Leadership from Carter-A259 with a new exclusive Halo Icons Figure and other epic Noble gear to kick off Series 3 of the Halo Legendary Crate!
Order by 8/15 at loot.cr/Halo to secure yours. (Link in bio!)

#TodayInHalo, 2513 – Dr. Catherine Halsey finalizes the official name for the second-generation ORION project while logging an entry in her personal journal, designating it “SPARTAN-II.”

After receiving an incredible amount of spectacular submissions, the winner of our #HaloChallenge giveaway has been drawn! Check out sparkie237's rendition here and join us in congratulating him on winning a shiny new Xbox One X. Thanks to everyone who shared their Halo spirit!

Thanks so much for joining us at #E32018 for a small glimpse of the franchise's future. We’ll have more to share later down the road, but for now, check the link in our bio for a few treats to sweeten your desktop backgrounds. #HaloInfinite

Use the Whiplash and SPNKr Prime to pick your opponents out of the air in this wild low-grav mode. Better watch your six though, because they'll be looking to do the same to you - Rock 'n' Rail has returned!

The foundations have been laid for the next incredible Halo adventure to be built on. Want to be part of creating the next evolution in the franchise? Check out our current open opportunities on 343industries.com/Careers! #HaloInfinite

The Halo Pop! lineup has hit store shelves! Four iconic characters from the Halo universe are now available to join your collection. Which one will you grab first?

Also, if you happen to be attending #E32018⁠ ⁠, don’t forget to pick up this exclusive Master Chief with Active Camo Pop! at the @OriginalFunko & @GameStop booth! (#2713) #FunkoE3

Are you ready to get back to work? #HaloInfinite

Classic legendary Halo experiences will be easier to relive than ever when the updated Master Chief Collection joins the #XboxGamePass lineup later this year. Prepare to armor up and go back to where it all began!

Introducing the Slipspace Engine – brand-new technology that will power the future of the franchise, beginning with #HaloInfinite.

The Master Chief returns in #HaloInfinite. Get your first look at the legendary hero in a thrilling new Slipspace Engine demo that provides a glimpse into the future of the franchise.
Watch the announcement trailer from the #XboxE3 2018 Briefing using the link in our bio!

The #XboxE3 2018 Briefing is nearly upon us – tune in at 1pm PT and watch on mixer.com/Xbox to receive the Classic Helmet REQ Pack for Halo 5 in a #MixPot loaded with awesome gaming goodies!

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