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Hallie Lord  Maker of babes, baker of pies, writer of books, lover of rain, sweet on a guy named Dan ❤️ (SiriusXM 129, Thurs @ 1pm Eastern)


“There’s some loveliness that you can only show at home and some loveliness that you can show everyone. Like the way I’m not supposed to wear my sandals with socks when we go out but I can at home!” - Little Miss Z #lovelysandalsandsocks #exactly 😂😂😂

Watching Jack coach Charlie through a really hard apology was one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen. The lows of parenting can sometimes feel very low, indeed, but the highs are absolutely extraordinary. ✨

One of my favorite things about life is how each season has a different lesson to teach us.
In my early years of motherhood, I learned about multitasking. That was a good thing at that time. It stretched me and made me more selfless and taught me how to breathe through chaos and craziness.
These days, though, I think I'm meant to slow down and learn to savor each moment, appreciating it for what it is, be it a high or a low, a joy or a struggle, a satisfaction or an annoyance.
As my littles grow not so little, and I become not so young, I am realizing just how much I want the fullness of the human experience and I won't find it, I don't think, by rushing through my days.
That laundry basket hiding in the background will have my attention soon, but first I'm going to take a moment to smile at how the sun lights up my hydrangeas in that brief moment right before it climbs higher in the sky.

Why do I have the feeling that they’ll still be doing this when they’re in their 30s? He, trying his very best to annoy her, and she, ignoring him completely. Sibling relationships are my favorite. 😂

In just two short months, a new one will join us and in the blink of an eye, my Max will suddenly seem enormous. It's the strangest thing, but it happens every time. And so, until that day arrives, I'm going to spend all my extra minutes soaking up and savoring his littleness. Because (despite his 90th percentile height/weight ranking) he is still very, very little. Tiny, even.


It hit me this afternoon that sometimes I become so focused on my duty as a mother to guide and educate my kids that I lose sight of how much wisdom they have to share with me. My sweet Lucy has taught me so much about cheerfully serving others and I (and my puffy pregnant feet) just love her to pieces for it. ❤️

"This is a sword, Max. You need to have one in case a dragon comes, okay? I could teach you how to use it but I'm bigger and I might hurt you and I would never hurt you so just come get me if a dragon comes. Do you understand, Max?" #lifelessons #aboutdragons #andswords #andbrotherlylove

Fall days that start out with 59 degree temperatures are wonderful. As are wraparound porches and hot coffee with cream and cocoa. Morning fires in the fire pit are pretty wonderful, too. But sweet girls who bring you beautiful pink blossoms? Well, in my humble opinion, they are the most wonderful of all. Happy 1st Sunday of October, sweet friends!

Happy Michaelmas, friends! Now go and punch the devil in the face. And hey, if you've got a great soundtrack to accompany you, all the better! 😂😂😂

This guy is now at the age where I don't really feel comfortable posting pictures of him without his consent and yet I still feel the insatiable urge to occasionally say things like, "It was just yesterday that he was a baby!" Luckily, he was fine with my sharing this photo so...did you guys know that it was just yesterday that he was a baby? 😭

In true Charlie fashion, he considers his newly acquired black eye a badge of honor and all I can say is that having grown up with only a sister, I am finding raising boys to be a fantastic and wondrous adventure. (And maybe just a tiny bit baffling sometimes, too. 😉)

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