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today is the day we choose to be silent no more.
we raise our voices for FREEDOM.
sex trafficking still exists and it’s time to fight against it.
the day we choose to be silent is the day that we will no longer impact those around us.
stand with me and choose to fight against the evil in this world.

[ i’m going to be honest ]
the past two years have been draining.
a lot has happened
and recently it has all started to come up.
most of it being unmet expectations and broken promises.
since all of it has piled up, i have not allowed myself to fully feel.
to feel all the emotions that i should be feeling at a time like this.
i have believed that i don’t deserve to feel, but that is very false.
i have been told that i just need to get on with my life and grow up.
that is true,
but for the past two years, i have busied myself to the point of never catching a break.
don’t get me wrong, this is how i love to live my life.
i love having a packed schedule and being able to pour into so many people,
but to use it as an excuse not to let the Father in and heal you is wrong.
and i think i finally realized that because the past week has been nothing but rest and facing the emotions i did everything to avoid.
i have found myself doing nothing and being okay with it.
once again, today I found myself with an open afternoon and all i could get myself to do was sit here and enjoy the view, rest, and pray.
finally let God do what he’s been trying to do for so long.
you see my friends...
my heart hurts and that is okay.
but to run from getting help just because you don’t want to hurt anymore will only prolong the pain.
it is okay to have seasons of rest because that means God finally has your attention.
something he longs for daily.
this past week has been so difficult having old wounds reopened,
but it has been a breathe of fresh air finally allowing myself to feel again.
is there something that you’ve avoided healing from because it hurts too much.
i want to encourage you in this moment to stop and rest.
it may hurt for a little while,
but in the end the joy that you will be overflowed with is much better than bottling up everything and running.
all my love,

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happy monday giveaway friends! 💕 #lovelythoughts

you are you, and that’s all i ever want you to be.

"You were created to be known by the One who created us.
You were chosen to walk this earth before time began.
You were loved so recklessly even though you have messed up.
This season of singleness is not what you wanted,
But it’s what God knew you needed.
Not because you don’t deserve to be loved by another,
But because you need to be reminded that you are already loved.
Not because you shouldn’t be with someone,
But because you need to be with the Father.
Not because you are called to be single forever,
But because you are being prepared for someone greater." -To the Girl Who Thought She Would Be Someone’s Valentine

It’s been a while, but I felt like today was an appropriate day to give you a piece of my heart. New blog post up for all those struggling with being single on such a day as Valentine’s Day! Make sure to click the link in the bio and make sure to embrace whatever season of life you are facing today PS GUYS YOU SHOULD READ THIS TOO!!! 💕 #lovelythoughts

[ l o v e ]
the word that seems to be consuming our hearts this week.
but what if we choose to be consumed by this word always?
what if we choose to let this word influence the way we lived?
not in a way that carelessly tosses it around as if it means nothing.
but let it truly enrich our lives and those around us.
to love is to know and be known.
it is an action we choose to commit to day in and day out.
not only with those we are in deep relationship with,
but also with those we pass by and interact with even just for a moment.
let yourself be consumed by the love of the Father,
so that you may love others well.

when you realize it’s valentine’s week and you’re ready to buy yourself all the chocolate, balloons, and flowers you could dream of... time to celebrate singleness my friends and treat yo self 😘💕 #lovelythoughts

pc 📸: @kaylielynnmiller

it’s time to let your Defender restore your heart back to better than it was before.

it’s been an honor getting to watch these girlies grow up! once again I’m beyond proud of them for getting 1st overall with such an amazing dance. thanks for letting me run your practice and make you do that lift 10 times before you went on stage. love you sweet peas so so much ❤️ #studioxnd #dancemoms

it’s not always because we want to.
sometimes it’s because we have to.
we have to walk away.
let go.
put a guard up.
this is a fallen world.
people hurt us.
we hurt others.
but just because you have to
and just because it’s the right thing to do
doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt.
but it also doesn’t mean that God doesn’t see you.
he recognizes what you are doing
and he is thankful for your obedience.
as you do this.
as you take a step in faith,
you are walking into something immeasurably more than you expected.
it just might take time to see it. #lovelythoughts

There is a fire within her soul.
It reminds her of the days of embers.
The cooling of her heart.
The loss of passion in her eyes.

There was silence.
There was fear.
But then she is reminded.
That to stay in the heat is to not turn around.
To keep walking with a confidence like no other.
It is a flame that burns so brightly, all you can do is stare.

There is a fire within her soul.
It reminds her that she is worthy of it all.
Worthy of conquering the world.
Worthy of a love just a bold as she is.
Worthy of living a life burning for the One who created her. #lovelythoughts

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