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Halley Swain  Halley Nakole Swain 16 Years Young <3 B-Day- October 15th 4 Brothers 1 Sister= Myles, Donovan, Hunter, Taylor, Philip(Webo). Family Forever and Always

My Selfie Sunday is everyday. Today is gonna be a perfect day! :)

My beautiful little sister! #cutie #family #no #make #up #baby #girl #beautiful #iloveyou

So many ignorant people in Currituck. I CANNOT wait until I move away from here. It's gonna be a while from now, but I'm so ready! :)

Lmfao! The weird as af snaps me and my friends take. #silly #girls

My absolute favorite Super Hero of ALL TIME!
#spiderman #lovehim #Iwishiwashim #shootinwebs #supercool

Mmmm, Kellin Quinn..... Why are you so freaking cute?

You can't even use the words "Best Friends" to describe our friendship. We have been there for each other every single step of the way, even when we don't think we have been. We are the closest of friends you could EVER imagine. She's literally like my other half. Yeah we've had our ups and downs but that doesn't matter, as long as we don't let ANYONE or ANYTHING get in the way of our friendship and tear us apart we will be sister's until the day we die.... No matter how rough things get in or lives. We ALWAYS remember that we are there for each other. Even when we don't want any help we always need someone to brighten or days! I love you beautiful. You're my other WCW everyday! :)
#closerthanever #bestoffriends

My new boyfriend! He works at Payless Shoes! ;)
#lil #cutie

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