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Hallee Hirsh-Martin  Once an actor in LA, now a yurt dweller in WNC. Co-owner @holedoughnuts

He always says they're not perfect enough. Which makes him try again and again. Which means we get to eat more noodles!

Proper Lanzhou pulled noodle making requires lots of swinging spiraling and slapping. #yurtkitchen #yurtlife #pullednoodles #拉面

The base of a proper Lanzhou noodle broth: sichuan pepper, white pepper, fennel, star anise, bay, cassia bark, caoguo, ginger, good bones, water (skim that foam!) Once noodles are pulled to form and boiled, serve in broth with radish, cilantro, scallions, and chili oil. Give thanks to preserved traditions and slurp it up.

Oh, hey! Didn't see you there! Check out this necklace I made out of milkweed fiber and a neighbor's cast off oyster shell! #flaunting #diyjewelry

Hey groovy world.

Sorghum chess pie for 3.14!

Nourishing snow day. Pie in the oven, fire in the stove, Quickbooks on the computer. #yurtlife

Sunday powered by Saturday's @ashevillecitymarket , my chickens and dreams of vernal beginnings.

@hellojuicestl shared this photo of me (Thank you! Your juice and smoothie bowls look amazing!). This is one of those images that makes my vanity pause and try to figure out how to judge next. Those arms though -- I've always tried not to let that slender arm envy get to me, but it creeps in all the time. My eyes linger on them now though, and I have to say I actually feel pride in this moment. This is a nice development. Let us love our limbs, they get a lot done and help us build our lives. Let us move through vanity without shame as we linger in these thoughts, so that we can show up for ourselves as we simultaneously let go. (And I swear, I don't wear this @pyneandsmithclothiers dress EVERY day. Just maybe a lot of days.)

From out of the earth then molded into form and put into the fire to burn out any doubt that food will be grown, cooked and served. Thanks @melissaweisspottery for letting me do this again!

Happiest birthdays to @uncivilizedmama and @mamabearmedicine , who ask for what they want when they want it. For their birthday party they requested a raw nourishing birthday cake covered in flowers! I was so giddy to oblige. Ever inspired by the great @stephenmccarty and his mind blowing cakes I had so much fun with this creation. Featuring @goddessghee 's dark chocolate ghee, avocado, cashews, cocao, rose water, sorghum and beet kvass in Marion's layer, and cashews, more ghee, coconut oil, calendula, lavender, elderberry syrup and fermented honey from my neighbors' bees in Kearsley's layer, all in an almond pistachio cardamom date crust. Thank you for being born! Celebrating you has been an ecstatic experience.

Smoldering embers are the only evidence of an al fresco dinner enjoyed on this extraordinary evening. The dishes are even already done. Grilled pork tenderloin steaks (thanks @intentionalswine ), fresh bread (thanks @oldworldlevain ) fresh spring salad (thanks earth ). All remain undocumented as cameras and phones had no place in such magic with family. But still I gotta talk about it now. To remind myself how to have a quick weeknight meal the right way. Also, who needs a fancy grill when you can build a campfire?

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