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Hallee Hirsh-Martin  Once an L.A. actor, now a WNC yurt dweller. Co-owner @holedoughnuts

@holedoughnuts at my grandparents in Arizona!

Held ceremonial space a few days ago along with 13 beautiful souls. Yeah, I like me some kumbaya. It is so joyful to hold hands with people and cherish our gift of life on Earth.

The remains of someone else's dinner plus the beginnings of mine.

I've managed to keep all of the animals out of the garden this year with netting and t-posts. I'm dreaming of wattle panels though. Anyone else obsessed with wattle? Don't know what it is? It's a fabulous use of thinned saplings from managing your woodland. It's classic and romantic. It's time intensive. Google it.

Woah. I woke up to hundreds of new followers. Hello!! It's actually really strange to read an article written about my life as curated by myself via this platform, to have my lifestyle labeled "idyllic." Well I do indeed love my life. But of course, the truth is, many would not find it all so perfect. My husband Ryan and I made some pretty huge sacrifices in terms of modern amenities. Our lifestyle is most certainly 'alternative.' Our home and homestead is ever an incomplete work in progress, and because we try to tackle so many projects at once while also being parents and business owners, plans and moods sometimes implode. I think most people relate. Today I am handling a little case of food poisoning so I'm hanging here in bed for a bit. Recharging. I am so humbled and quite a bit nervous to be considered anyone's inspiration. I try to use social media to highlight my passions and preserve the moments and feelings I wish to cultivate more of in my life. It has been a helpful tool in connecting me to others who inspire me, and I strive to pay that good stuff forward.

The dome of our yurt: a window to heaven that literally holds everything together. Made by: @sdyurts

So much tulsi in the garden that I was able to make last week's special doughnut flavor out of it! (@holedoughnuts ). I love growing, harvesting and working with this gorgeous and seriously uplifting plant.

A day for deep meditation. Creature comforts: St. John's wart, two kinds of tulsi, calendula, lemon grass, red clover, coriander, beet greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, and a bamboo flute.

Mountain waters set me free

My garden is mostly weeds. Some of them I eat: creasy greens, lambs quarters, chicory. Then emerging from the wild are some friends I sowed. Today I gathered a little bit of this and a little bit of that: beets, tulsi, calendula, anise hyssop, bee balm, lemon balm and St Johns wart.

Somedays a stroll over to my neighbors' is in order. Today I traded a basket of berries and flower allies for sage advice, hugs and lunch.

I want to talk about an emotion that gets so little play in our culture. It's the opposite of jealousy. Fortunately though, there is indeed a name for it, it is a thing: compersion. It's the feeling of joy you get when you see someone else feeling joy that has nothing to do with yourself. "Liking" someone's gushy IG or Facebook post and actually liking it. Seeing your toddler grow up, go to preschool and adore his teachers and feeling elated. Seeing your romantic partner find joy in another person, sexually or platonically, and feeling your heart pound with deep love. I used to feel so much jealousy on a day to day basis. Jealousy of successful women, jealousy in my relationships, etc. Somehow that feeling has literally upended itself and has been replaced with bliss. Perhaps it comes from a deeper self love, that allows for purer love of others. Perhaps becoming a mother, and knowing that this human that came from my body is still his own person, and embracing his autonomy, while also helping him learn and grow. Perhaps my husband Ryan has taught me how to love without crippling possession. Whatever it is, it feels really good. We should spend more time talking about and teaching compersion. Let's build each other up and set ourselves free.

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