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Halle Capone  Writing and filming my way through existence🎥📚Read my books for free here👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽


Sympathy makes me guilty
Never raised to be
Had to fake my sickness
Just to be free
Roaming the grass
The hills made of gold
Summer sun and winter fog
Always growing old
I wanted nothing more
Than the opposite
Fast, not slow
Easy, not hard
Bright purple skies
Filled with lies
Hollywood towering above
There's nothing more
That I love
Than a godless god
Soaring untouched
#poetrycorner #poetry #writing #ants

You can find me in the darkness
I shake and quiver
The doors closed
God is supposed to deliver
Only through trips
Have I seen you
Only through blips
Have you shown true
Memories are what you are
Fervent in my mind
I hide in the dark
That's where I'm found #poetry #nodaysoff #writing #writer #self

I'm so tired of y'all
Using inhibition
Exploding contradictions
Excuse for lack of ambition
Fear intrinsic
Or perhaps your closed mind
Can't see past
The answers you can find
Think you're doing just fine
But I see you, I'm watching,
Every bit you wait
You waste
Every bit you contemplate
You waste away
Life's short, and long,
If you want it to be,
But it's only short
When you're jumping in
With both feet-
Take the dive,
Plunge your psyche,
Drown your fear,
And come up to breathe free. #poetry #writing #locationscout #locationfound #happy #motivated #nodaysoff

late night adventures,
observing textures,
of these locations
I'm scouting,
finding treasures,
Ravens click and squawk,
letting me know
I'm in their territory,
Hawks stalking predatory,
slow your roll,
I'm your friend,
my soul is glowing-
my goals ascend.
I'll be seeing you,
with my whole crew,
soon. #poetry #poetrycommunity #poetsofinstagram #writing #filming #scouting

Overly ambitious
Never fictitious
Listen up kids
Im fucking business
Administering my hate
In art I confess
Lately I haven't been one
To digress
Focused on my shit
Because filming is a gamble
But I'm making it
While you kick back and
watch the sports channel
Monolithic and careening
On you basic bitches
If you don't come correct
I don't know what you expect
Kicked to the curb
That's my word
I'll never write you a check
For cash
Because gambling life
Means you have to face
Your fear, and keep it in the past #poetry #poetsofinstagram #poetrycommunity #writerslife #writersofinstagram

If I had a penny,
For every thought
I'd be a millionaire
Over time,
A trillionaire,
What if we had incentive?
To live this way, because
Money has infected,
Every aspect of the word
Honesty produces thoughtful
Never disprove your own thoughts
By not listening to yourself in the first place #poetry #poem #writing #writersofinstagram

Doesn't the moon look like it's morphing out of the sky?
If you look closely, it has eyes
A monsoon of emotion
Enigmatic at the same time
Fireworks in the sky
Lighting up your smile
I see you from miles and miles
Distant lover, naked in soul
Your heart spills over the night
Or so I'm told #poetry #poem #ilikepie

Life in Color
Life is sometimes lacking,
Integrity and color but don't,
Fret my love, I'll find better
Even when it's hard
It's easy to forget
Now is the time to be strong
Call yourself, call yourself
Out, realize that you are
Open your eyes, look around
Reinvent yourself, take care of you #poetry #poem #poet #poetrycommunity

A fake smile is still a smile. Delve into yourself. Change what you want to change. There isn't an outside experience of you, it's all you. Your head movie. #poetry #writersofinstagram

drowning in clowns
all about the town
you're everywhere I go
can't leave me alone
my name is Capone
for a reason
I'll leave faster
than an expelled demon
get out,
stop lurking behind me
make your own way
break through the fray
break through the fear
of your life
make your life rife with art
make your scars
supernovas, ferocious
with all your might
because you didn't fight
is why we aren't alright
because you gave up
you dug your grave
now prove herself
delve into oneself
because no one can help you
but yourself #writer #losangeles #poem #poetry #poetrycommunity

For we never know
Right from wrong
Accept that your heart
Grows with truth
In time, and never fear
Love is your adventure
I love you dear
Time waxes and wanes
You reap knowledge as it passes #poetrycommunity #poetry #poet #writer #screenwriter #210 #pinkfloyd

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