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Halle Lane  Snapbacks and cats 🐱 too. {Livin' that mermaid life.} MayTheForceBeWithYou β€’SDβ€’ //My City Youth//


There's something special about Junior Higher's. The few short years they'll spend in Junior High can determine their whole entire life. They'll decide what gets to influence them. And this week at Junior High Summer Camp we had 100 young people decide that God is going to be their ultimate influencer. This group of young people are going to be the ones who change the world. We had fun, we competed (Green Team came in 2nd πŸ†), we laughed, we made forever relationships. But most of all, we encountered God. #GreenTeam #SummerCampForever #MYCYTH

It's official, everyone needs a Kate in their life. This was your first Empower conference, but you carried yourself like a season veteran. I am so thankful to know you as a team member, but even more so as a friend! Thank you for balancing me out▫️β–ͺ️, but always willing to go with my crazy ideas. You are one of a kind. #MYCYTH

EMPOWER//YTH// You know your whole team shares a brain when you show up twinning with 100 people. This one just happens to be one of my personal favorites.
Taylor, I love working along side you as we get to create the strongest and highest quality volunteer teams!
Everyone, get to Empower Yth tomorrow! #EmpowerYth

E V E L Y N / /
There are few like you. Your transparency is your strength. Your testimony is one that will set thousands free. Thank you for your willingness to share what you have overcome. Thank you for being willing to help others overcome. MyCity wouldn't be the same without you. You are one of a kind and I cherish you so much. I am so proud of you! And cannot wait to see what God has in store for your future! #MYCYTH

Volunteer Queens πŸ‘‘
I am so proud of these two ladies. Everything they have been given, has multiplied. When something is handed to them, I know it's taken care of with excellence. What you do say in and say out may not be in the spot light, but it is not going unnoticed. These two are some of the greatest connectors of people I know. They bring people in and make them family. They understand that what makes Friday Nights at MyCity amazing is the connections they make during the rest of the week. I love you two girls, and this is just the beginning!!! #MYCYTH #VolunteerQueens

When it's your brothers birthday and this is the only photo you can find of you two. But it's alright, because it actually perfectly describes our polar opposite personalities. #AreWeEvenRelated #HappyBirthday

To the one I have everything in common with, happy birthday. πŸŽˆπŸŽ†βšΎοΈ Today's game was so perfect, you would think I paid off the Giants. The fireworks reminded you of Disneyland, so you probably thought I gave Walt Disney a call. And the coincidence of being able to satisfy your inner want of something sweet cause 'it's your birthday' with free ice cream. But the best part of all, is being the daughter that is lucky enough to celebrate you. #HappyBirthdayDad #HesObviouslyTheSinger

13 Reasons Why Unplugged Series continued.
7620 Balboa Ave
Ps. David preaching! [MYCYTH]

Find your tribe // Love them hard. #MYCYTH

13 Reasons Why Unplugged // New series starting this Friday! With Pastor Jon "The Hammer" Heinrich's (@jonheinrichs) to start us off! Come ready, come expectant, come ready to be in the auditorium! #MYCYTH #13ReasonsWhyUnplugged

F O U R T H // πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ¦„πŸŽ†

V I B E T H E F I V E // Pastor Colin Higginbottom is going to be the fire tonight! Do not miss it!!! #VibeTheFive

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