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💫  give them their roses while they're still here. / UCF 21

this was taken on a great day out with some really great/creative ppl. (shirt by my luv @julixene and the pic was taken by her as well 💛💫🤠)

baby loves, my baby loves!

anyone else think we look like we're about to drop the best indie track of the year (p.c.- @julixene)

my lovers and I had a wonderful rendezvous at the beach today

eat your heart out

one day, the birds will not tremble at the pitiful scraps you leave upon the earth. the bench beneath you will rot, and rust, and break. your common face will diminish in youth and you'll think of all the colorful wings you attempted to cage. they're soaring now, and you are sitting. they will fly far from the change in weather, aware of your bitter winter. your fingertips will freeze, like that vessel meant for love. I pray you reach for the sun, in the hopes that she does not scorch you. ('your birds' - by me )

let that resonate. (I really wish I could be apart of such a BEAUTIFUL day full of unity and empowerment amongst women. We can do anything!!! #womensmarch ) 💫💛

it's my birthday and I'm sitting in the breeze on a balcony with the people I hold dearest to me. There are many things that have upset me today but all of it is outweighed by the love and care my family has shown me. I can't wait to continue the day with my friends who love and cherish me as much as I do them! to another year of love and life, and prosperity. I promised myself I wouldn't be so hard on myself this year, I'm still growing as the flowers do




but why I loved you I'll ever know

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