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Halifax Photography Classes  I help my students create their vision. Also I run around at night with my dog taking photos 📷📷 Also puppies @kristinerose_ 🇨🇦Halifax NS🇨🇦

Go home star trails... you’re drunk. Orrrr they’re the result of multiple gear malfunctions last night. First my main camera broke, giving me a dreaded “Err” with a mirror that was stuck up. I think it likely that my intervalometer battery was dying and it mucked things up. When I got home the same things I did on location (change lens, remove lens, remove battery, new battery, test shutter) worked and brought the mirror back down and scared away the ‘Err’ message- whether it was time or warmth that had it working at home I don’t know. So I moved on to my backup camera. Now, first problem I don’t have an intervalometer for it, so I use the built in, but the built in does this fun thing where it stops taking photos after about 15 even tho it’s set to take 999. So I have to go into the settings and restart it... without moving the camera. Did I mention it was windy and cold last night?!? Well, this is the best effort I came out with last night, win some- curse some ;)

“The house on the hill” I grew up living on a hill and I realize now how much I took that for granted. The skies open up when you’re on a hill, here we get beautiful sunsets each night. There’s so much more to see when you’re on a hill! Not to mention the sledding is going to be a bumpy and epic affair ❄️🌨🛷 I’m looking forward to living up to the “big house on the hill” status, spooky during Halloween, festive during the holidays. This will be the first of many photos taken under the stars looking up at our new home. Also, this is 40 2 minute exposure stacked together. I didn’t want to sit outside for an hour and a half, so I worked sitting by our front window and half covered my camera with a garbage can and black winter coat... really, the neighbors think I’m crazy. 🤪😜 📷s/s 120” f2.8 ISO100📷

Patterns in nature! Just finished teaching a class on composition this weekend and it has me thinking about patterns and then I came across this image from my Bluffs hike. So here it is! Wondering where I should explore this weekend?

Trails of a swimmer! Wherever we go she finds water, literally, it’s nice when it’s an actual body of water and not a mud filled hole. It’s sometimes a problem if I’m not paying attention because Jazz is so good at following trails I often default to following her, and then I’ll notice we are definitely not at a trail and somehow ended up at a stream or puddle 😂😂 She has he priorities straight at least! I knew I had to put my drone up when we got to the boardwalk, because it creates a natural leading line to follow through the image. I was not disappointed! This is one frame shot as an HDR and processed in Adobe Camera Raw.

The Bluffs trail has long been one of my favourites and today it did not disappoint! Bonus? It’s only 15 minutes from my new house! I’m still chilled from today’s walk but it was worth it. So many colors hanging on here, so if you’re at all sad about the leaves falling hit up this trail in the next bit! Also, for once this isn’t a panoramic from my drone, I was loving the way the rock flowed through the trees! It is still an HDR to really get the depth of colours! I’ll be launching a free raw editing training in the next bit, keep an eye if HDR is something you’ve wanted to do and never have!

These views don’t get old! I’ve loved flying since a young age because of the patterns offered by nature as seen from above. My drone gives me that without the expensive renting of a plane. This stream leads into Wright’s lake. On the other end of this lake you can see homes, which are actually in the Westwood subdivision which is my neighboring subdivision! I love how far yet how close you can be in NS. I also need to get a kayak next year. As well as an atv... I think I have to start saving. And start training Jazz to sit in a kayak with me!

Exploring my new back yard! Not literally, of course, but it’s pretty darn close. Pockwock has been on my waterfall list for quite a while, but it’s always been 35+ minutes driving, now it’s just over 10 and I think Jazz and I will be exploring these trails a lot more. I will say for the first time in my life I kinda want an ATV. I was scared of them all through my childhood due to a small accident I had on a mini motorbike at a young age (Kristine vs. mailbox, I chose crashing into the road instead) bbuuuuuutttt now I can see how far these trails go especially with the vantage my drone gives me and I want to go everywhere! Maybe I should take up mountain biking instead... ⛰🚲 I think you can guess what is going on in this picture! If not, check out how I shot my last post! 📷📷

Last light over the last leaves. These are the days that all the leaves fall away, so Jazz and I headed out trying to catch a bit more colour before it’s gone. This is actually the site of an old sawmill and dam- Wright’s Mill. Camptown Road was part of the roadway constructed in the 1800s to connect Halifax to Annapolis Royal. I’ve been enjoying exploring this backcountry area, and having my drone to be able to see all around me has not only been interesting, but has also shown me new places to explore! This image is 15 images, 4 frames for the vertical panno and multiple bracketed images of each for HDR.

Smoke on the water this morning. A quick and chilly walk at the lake with my son before heading in to work. Next time I’m bringing a longer lens to put more emphasis on the fog rising up over the water, prolly a Brenizer type effect! This is shot at 24mm with 4 images for HDR to get the foreground and the sky. Not pictured, the little boy slipping and falling repeatedly on the frost covered boardwalk 🤪

Jazz + a bridge + a lake + fall colors + a brand new trail = ❤️❤️ Also- sunny days and a drone sensor with low dynamic range means that I took 5 photos here for my HDR shot, when normally I would only take three. Props to @djimavicpro for a drone that stays put even while its giving you a “high wind warning, fly with extreme care, land ASAP” warning and gets 5 photos in a row with almost no movement!

The road less travelled, unless you’re riding an atv, in which case this is the road very frequently travelled- especially on sunny, crisp, fall days! I was glad for my high clearance SUV as I was driving along the road, but thought to myself that even with my old tiny Yaris I wouldn’t have shied away from exploring here (though my driving would have been MUCH more careful in the dodgy parts!) This is off “hiking trail road” that you access via the 103 just past exit 5 (before exit 5a) where I’ve been meaning to explore since moving to this neck of the woods. Yesterday proved to me that I have to come back more often before the roads are impassable in the winter. This is a 6 image panoramic (2x wide, 3x high) with each image in the panno being an HDR image- about 24 images total were merged and then aligned and merged again! The main thing that bugs me about drone panoramics is that I like to shoot my panos vertically- that’s not an option with a drone (hey little drone, I know it defies the laws of flight but could you just hover sideways for a bit?! 🤪😂😂)

Moonset over flat lake.. it would have been nice to take a photo here tonight after the moon went down- but my husband had hockey and my dog doesn’t have her babysitting certificate. Some nights you take what you can get, even if it’s only 18 minutes before your husband gets picked up for hockey 😂😂

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