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Halifax Photography Classes  Beginners night photography workshop is OPEN for registration. Aug 11-Perseids & Milky Way= Perfection! 📷📷 Also puppies @kristinerose_ 🇨🇦Halifax NS🇨🇦

All right - I’m calling out all enthusiasts amateur photographers! Do you want to take photos like this?! Really? Well, good news- this kind of photo is easy! I go over how to take photos exactly like this and the post processing in my upcoming Night Photography workshop #linkinbio - It’s running on August 11th for the new moon (Milky way!!) and Perseid meteor shower. It’s going to be epic. Send me a DM if you have gear questions! Go here to sign up: https://tinyurl.com/ydhhgrcd Also, can we just talk about Peggy for a moment? Like, can it be a thing to just be spoiled.. to have this beauty so close by, sometimes I forget how lucky we are. 📷s/s 25” f2.4 ISO 4000📷

Star trails by the ‘Lion King Tree’ A different view from the shoot a few weeks back 📷s/s20” f2.8 ISO2000📷

It’s my birthday, that means I can post a selfie with the best girl ever. Feeling grateful this morning- I live in a stunning place, surrounded by people I love and I’m making work that creatively fulfills me. I think I’ll sit and listen to the wind in the trees and the birds chirp for a while. Happy Birthday to me 😍😍

Starry night views from the cottage. Cloudy tonight but I think we’ll have one more starry night before it’s back to the real world and moving (eeeeee!!) 📷s/s 120” f2.8 ISO800📷 #halifaxphotographyclasses

Oh heyyyy there Dipper- saw this guy across the way while I was shooting the Milky Way and thought he deserved some attention! Did you know that Ursa Minor or “little bear” was named by people who had never seen a bear (I mean, who’s ever seen a bear with a long tail?!) This is two photos stacked, one using my tracker for the stars, one without for the FG..... ask me how tedious it was masking out the trees... go on, ask!! 📷s/s 120” f2.8 ISO 800📷 #halifaxphotographyclasses

Happy birthday to my partner in crime! Here’s to another 35, we’ll be 70 and drinking under the stars still, but we’ll definitely have a hot tub by then 🔥💦

Been listening to Harry Potter narrated by @stephenfryactually (for the umpteenth time) and felt like I needed a bit of magic in this shot. Not pictured, the black dog running wildly by my side! 📷s/s15” f2.8 ISO 4000📷

A rifled muzzle loader from the 1870’s sits at attention under the starry skies. York Redoubt is an understated place, it is a National Historic Site of Canada, but you won’t find it busy on your visit (even in the day 😜). Fields for walking, old buildings to explore, ocean for a dip (if you’re my dog!) and even a blueberry patch in the late summer.. We’re moving to a new house soon (with a much longer drive to get here) and I wanted to come say farewell to this old friend! I can remember my first visit here with my husband (boyfriend at the time) - we had booster juices and were running around taking pictures of us sitting on the cannons. I thought about posing on this one for the shot, but decided I’m older and more dignified (😂😂 or too lazy to climb it) This is a 5 shot vertical panoramic with a couple frames of light painting for the canon/foreground. 📷s/s 15” f2.0 ISO 3200📷#halifaxphotographyclasses

Not one to pass up dark clear nights I decided to keep things close to home last night! Jazz and I headed to York Redoubt last night. This is the simplest of the shots I took, and I can see it, but I’ve been flat out with students and some really fun work I can’t quite share yet.. so until I put together the other photos you can have this! P.S. they boarded up my favourite buildings!! I had visions of creating some ghostly glowing buildings but was disappointed to find the buildings boarded up. 📷s/s 20” f2.8 ISO 4000📷 Light painting and a 4 shot vertical pano

“Under the bridge 3.0” The evolution of a shot (swipe for 2.0 and 1.0). The first time I visited I was inspired by this place and had a vision for the image I wanted. Clouds and bumped tripods inhibited my first two gos, but I did it on the third try. This is the photo that was in my mind waiting to come out. Photography is technical skill and vision, but it’s also perseverance and patience (almost 3 hr patience here). Don’t be afraid to try and fuck up, it just means you can keep getting better. 😜🤩 Also if you visit this particular area to shoot, be in mind that there is a homeless man living there with his older dog whom you’ll have to pass to get to the water. Be respectful, especially since his pup is getting on in the years and is a bit hurt, hurt dogs can be very defensive, but given space they’re fine. 🐶

Star trails or fireflies?!? Fireflies or star trails?! What do you think?! 🤔I’m leaning to fireflies! Just because fireflies are magic. In case you’re wondering, there are still fireflies in the second shot, but the darn moon decided it was time to rise and washed out the BG so the fireflies don’t show up. I guess it was 2am, fair enough moon. 📷s/s 60” f2.8 ISO 2000📷

I used to take midnight swims all the time in the summer pre-parenthood. Spending an impromptu night at a cottage last night was the perfect time to start back again! And also to, you know, take photos, because that’s what I do. I did go inside once the coyote howling seemed to get a bit too close 🐺😬 📷s/s 25” f2.8 ISO 3200📷

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