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Halifax Photography Classes  Useful tips for BETTER photos πŸ“·πŸ–₯πŸ“ΈπŸ’» based in Halifax, N.S. πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ 🌠 Register now for September 16, 23, 24 Night Photography Class 🌠


Prepping for a private studio lighting class I'm doing for a local company this semester and thought I'd have fun with some @leefilters gels. I set up to take photos of Jazz, but decided a self portrait was in order to so we could be twinsies. #whoworeitbetter #sparemyfeelings #iknowitwasjazz

1 week left to register to learn how to take amazing night photos! Milky way season is almost over so lets make the most of it. #linkinprofile halifaxphotographyclasses.com

2 weeks until we learn how to do this! Is it any wonder I am obsessed with the stars when this is where I grew up?! This photo needed to be double processed so that I could manage the different colours of light (from the streetlamp and the ambient) We learn exactly how to do this and more in my upcoming night photography class- check out halifaxphotographyclasses.com for more info! #nightphotography #halifax

That sunset tonight! πŸŒ…πŸ˜ When it’s been a rainy stormy day you know the clouds will be πŸ‘ŒπŸ»! What I also know is the camera has trouble with such a wide tonal range (especially when you include a black dog). Shooting in RAW to the rescue! πŸ‘‰πŸ» Swipe πŸ‘‰πŸ» to see the SOOC and my ACR settings. πŸ“· s/s 1/320 f4.5 ISO250 πŸ“· #learnphotography #halifaxsunset

Looking forward to a clear night for stars tonight. I've been busy with students almost every night this week, so tonight Jazz and I are headed out to see what we can create! The moon sets at 10:46pm. 🌌 Wondering how I got this shot? I had Jazz sit and stay while I focussed on her, then I set my camera to interval shooting and ran over to her. How did she stay still for 13 seconds- well there is a very enticing treat sitting on my knee. Where is this? Well it's #7 on my starry shots guide #linkinprofile to download πŸ“·s/s 13.0 f2.8 ISO 3200πŸ“· #halifaxphotographyclasses

I call this the 'time-warp clock tower'. If you want to try something fun use a zoom lens in you night photographs. This image was taken at ISO 400, F22 and s/s 10.0. In the last second of this exposure I zoomed out completely. The key thing is to have a long enough exposure that you have your subject in focus, and that the amount of time you spend zooming in or out is much less than the rest of the exposure. In this case 9 seconds of making a regular image, and 1 second to give it crazy light trails. Want to learn more cool things like this? One half of my night photography class is dedicated to city photos at night! Register now at halifaxphotographyclasses.com (Class is Sept 16, 23, 24, $290pp + tax) #halifaxphotographyclasses

It's a new moon! Perfect weather for getting out to photograph some stars. But where? Download my free guide for 10 spots within 45 minutes of downtown Halifax! #linkinprofile eepurl.com/cX79rz

Starry reflections in my favourite lake with my favourite girl (not pictured.. I didn't let her go swimming and ruin the reflection, she was nonplussed). This photo was taken at Long Lake- which is quite close to city lights. In order to get the milky way in my photo I waiting until the new moon and made sure I was shooting in full dark, not twilight, or astronomical twilight. The next new moon is on the 21st! πŸ“·s/s 20 f2.8 ISO 1600 πŸ“· #halifaxphotographyclasses

1 month!! My next night photography workshop starts on September 16th. Discover Halifax in a whole new light!
β €
If you want to learn how to get consistently awesome photos at night, this is the workshop for you.
β €
3 days of instruction with two half day field trips (at night, of course!) - learn about photographing cityscapes at night, how to capture the milky way and star trails, and how to get the most out of your images with post-processing! This workshop is held at Many Hats in Bedford (above the farmers market!) with our two night photo field trips in the HRM.β €
β €
halifaxphotographyclasses.com to learn more and register! β €
#halifaxphotographyclasses #nightphotography

Thinking back to a cloudless night spent at ECO watching a meteor shower. The perseids meteor shower is happening this weekend, but if you're in Halifax like I am you won't get to see much with all these clouds! Interested in learning how to take photos like this? Our next class on night photography starts September 16- Link in profile! #halifaxphotographyclasses πŸ“·s/s 30 f2.8 ISO 640 πŸ“·

Tonight is looking like another beautiful starry night just dying to be photographed. This image is taken with a portable studio flash but if you're starting out with night photography why not try using a flashlight to illuminate your subject (and subjects that don't move are easier than subjects that do! πŸ˜›). Pro tip, set your camera to a timer and move to use the flashlight to illuminate your subject from the side, the quality of light will look more dimensional! πŸ“·s/s 15 f2.8 ISO6400 πŸ“·#halifaxphotographyclasses #nightphotography #dogphotography

Repetition is a strong compositional device in photographs- this seaweed was slippery and a bit smelly but makes for a vibrant and interesting background in this photograph of Jazz. I took this photo with a small aperture to have more of the seaweed in focus. #halifaxphotographyclasses πŸ“· s/s 1/160 f 16 ISO 400 πŸ“·

Last night was cloudy and overall a dud. Tonight? Magic! Night shooting tip- bring a powerful flashlight, focus using it in live view, and make sure your camera and lens are set to manual focus! Next night photography class TBA soon! πŸ“·s/s 20 f2.8 ISO 4000πŸ“·

When you visit somewhere new keep an eye out for new and visually interesting things. Like these round rock formations I found along the coast of the Bay of Fundy. Zoom in on the first photo to see some cool crystal formations! #halifaxphotographyclasses πŸ“· s/s 1/320 f 5.6 ISO 320 πŸ“·

If you want the milky way to show up in your night photos there are two key factors- location away from light pollution, and phase of the moon. Best times for shooting are up to 4 days before or after the new moon! New moon is tomorrow, and tonight is looking clear- why not get out and shoot tonight?! πŸ“· s/s 30 f 2.8 ISO 1600 πŸ“·

Young dogs are very receptive to new and interesting noises, in this image Mia is reacting with interest to a kazoo!
Mia is available for Adoption through Marley's Hope, Check their page for more info.
#halifaxphotographyclasses #adoptdontshop

I have a confession to make, I'm terrible at consistently posting to social media. I use scheduling apps, and plan out my marketing plan well in advance- but these days I find myself, say, taking my son to the lake to swim (today.. so warm β˜€οΈβ˜€οΈ and windy! πŸ’¨πŸŒŠ) instead of planning my posts. I'm shooting all week long too- like this photo of Albie, a gorgeous and sweet boy up for adoption, but not sharing here. I can't say that I'll be perfect, but I'll try to start posting some useful summer photo tips! #halifaxphotographyclasses #watchoutforticks #longgrassneverusedtoscareme

Sometimes you just want to take a nice photo of a pretty sunset. Try altering your perspective, like here where I've placed the camera dangerously close to the water, to give the viewer a way into the photo. πŸ“· s/s 1/1000 f 8 ISO 200 πŸ“· #halifaxphotographyclasses

Were we talking about water and shutter speed?! I would be remiss not to post a photo of the ocean when commenting on photographing water. Crashing waves create the most interesting and beautiful shapes when you use a fast shutter! β €
πŸ“· s/s 1/500 f 2.8 ISO 2000 πŸ“· #halifaxphotographyclasses

Water and shutter speed. Use a fast shutter speed and get interesting formations like this. πŸ“· s/s 1/640 f 1.8 ISO 50 πŸ“· #halifaxphotographyclasses.com

Look for natural frames to draw attention to your subject, like this cascade of vines creating the perfect space for Jasmine to stand in. πŸ“· s/s 1/60 f 1.8 ISO 400 πŸ“· #livingwithjazz #halifaxphotographyclasses

🌌The foreground in this image was very dark so I used a flashlight (always bring a flashlight on a night shoot!) to paint in light on the foreground rock formation to give another area of visual interest to the photo. 🌌 πŸ“· s/s 20.0 f 2.8 ISO 800 πŸ“·#halifaxphotographyclasses

Beautiful night under the stars! Want to take photos of the stars? Check out cleardarksky.com to plan ahead. πŸ“·s/s 4.0 f 1.4 ISO 320 πŸ“· #halifaxphotographyclasses

βš’CALLING ALL MAKERS! βš’ Learn to photograph your work in this 2 day photography workshop for makers. Learn the proper camera settings for photographing in natural light. We learn about white sweeps, set styling, working with models and behind the scenes photos. Bring your pieces to class to practice techniques each day. July 30 & August 6- class limited to 8 participants only for lots of one on one time. Full details at: halifaxphotographyclasses.com #learnphotography #halifaxphotographyclasses

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