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I am still overwhelmed by the amount of love shown to Justin and me today at my bridal shower. Thank you to everyone near and far who made this day special and beautiful πŸ’œ #justinandhalisgreatestadventure #weregettingmarriedyall

There they go πŸ‘‹πŸΌ Wedding invites are signed, sealed, and (soon-to-be) delivered. Sorry, not sorry for any dog hair that's included with them. #justinandhalisgreatestadventure

***Sappy long post alert***
If you were to ask me how Katelyn and I met or how we became friends, I couldn't tell you. All I know is that for a decade now, she has been one of the best people to come into my life. We have gotten into our fair share of trouble together over the years, but we have had so much fun along the way. Life with Katelyn Gibson certainly is an adventure. I've never spoke about this before, but Katelyn was with me the night my mom found out she had cancer β€” the night my world stopped turning and altered the course of my life. And she loved me through every part of that journey with my mom. Friends like that are precious and rare, and when you find them you hang on to them. We might be miles apart, life might get busy, and we might not speak each day, but I know without a doubt I could call Katelyn at any time of day and she would be there for me. I love you @katelyngibs and I hope you have the best birthday ever! You deserve it!

Diva grandma 🐢 #dogmom

My mom on her wedding day ... with the most aggressive RBF there ever was. And now you all know where I get it from. #shegetitfromhermama #tbt

When your best friends show you their new house for the first time, you mark the occasion the best way you know how 🍾 Cheers to many, many more years of popping bottles at this address.

We had quite an exciting evening when lightning struck our neighbor's house and knocked down their chimney. Fire trucks showed up and our entire street came out to see what happened. And of course we have the nosiest neighbor of all scoping out the situation from her window. Nothing gets past Lucille. #dogsofclt #cltdogs #cltwx #bordercollie

Short hair, don't care #tbt

Today, I was the girl in Bad Daddy's who ordered totchos (add guac) as her entree. Also, Tim McGraw's "Humble and Kind" made me cry. Gonna go out on a limb and say it's PMS, but I dunno. #dammithali

Black Blaze Milk Stout from Blue Blaze Brewing.
Perhaps it's because I haven't tasted Cold Mountain since November, but this brew really reminded me of Highland Brewing's spiced winter goodness πŸ€”

When in #AVL

On any other night we'd be out here rooting for the home team, but tonight we are all about some @gwinnettbraves baseball and Freddie Freeman. You can't tell, but we are drenched in this picture. Absolutely soaked. We stuck it out through three rainstorms, a constant light drizzle, and a rain delay that lasted 1 hour and 45 minutes just so we could see Freddie's smile. Worth it.

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