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Hailey Lively🌿🍂🍁  I don't know what to do with my hands in pictures and I'm usually some degree of awkward. ❤ @smallsvanroy ❤


Don't wanna derp with anyone else😚

Forced @smallsvanroy to come on an adventure with me today for some much needed time outside since they've been feeling down❤🌿

*from the other day* when a dog acts friendly and is licking your face/letting you hold them amd then you put them in their kennel and they turn around and try and jump out and bite you... I had a jacket and a long sleeve on and she still got me good... 😢 #betrayal

Mija was creepin in our window and Ross was trying to play with her and swatting the glass😂

Look up to see both of them straddling the headboard... like there aren't a million other more comfortable places to lay down 😅

Baby Ross and his pickle😅

Yesterday's finds after digging through stacks and stacks of these things👌👌

Ross discovered the top post of the cat tree and realized he can watch things outside <3

I just watched Sock throw up on the floor, look around, and drag this wash cloth over the top of his puke spot and then proceed to scratch around as if he's burying it then looked at it like he'd done the best job he could and walked away and I called his named and he's refusing to even look at me or walk back over here..... 😂

Ross has mastered the art of sleeping ever so precariously perched on our headboard.

When the cats finally get along and play all through out the night like crazy and you wake up with mysterious scratches on your face.....

Easter confetti fun. Kittens decided to dump out the easter basket and play in all the confetti😻

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