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Meg  east tennessee✨wild plantin' moon risin' bone brewin' woman ✨ self-taught embroideress ✨ teetotaler 🌼•🌼•🌼•🌼•🌼•🌼•🌼•🌼

each past self
like a scaffolding like a trellis
like grandmothers hands cupped around
the oldest secret of her life just born anew — so too the pokeweed and her old self
like a mother’s palm upturned
under your little foot when you stretch for the big tree branch — so too the pokeweed and her old self
like the crook of her arm you settle into at dusk, or when your heart is being rained upon
each past self each new year already past the grave and shone dead in the sun; cradling you — so too the pokeweed and her old self
when you grow up green and glowing in the grave place of your past selves, again and again, the skeleton of your old self framing you against the blue sky —
when your roots greet hers and hers and hers under the dark soil and secrets shared, when you trace them back to the same joints and realize you all shoot upwards together, again and again and again —
next year you too will become the scaffolding of your own self;
so hold her this year too
so too the pokeweed and her old self

Edit: ✨SOLD✨ Inspired by the short story "Our Lady of Nettles" by Sylvia V. Lindsteadt. Based in the future, post-collapse when sky-high nettle plants take over the West Coast and encapsulate old civilization's relics of roads and homes; the Nettles provide a wall of protection and isolation, for those who risk living amongst them... I daydreamed of a woman's hand-built log cabin, kept secret and protected amongst the Nettles, but alive and well there. I’m going to share a few excerpts from Sylvia’s story in my IG story right now, so if it interests you, check it out! 💛 OH! And this is available on Etsy. Along with three other pieces I have on sale there.

Made a dress based on another dress. I’ll do some things different next time around but for the first piece of clothing I’ve ever sewn, I’m pretty happy! Figure if I can sew a few things a year, before too long I’ll have my dream wardrobe. (I’m low maintenance ☺️) OH! And the name of this linen fabric color is Potting Soil which is 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

I am working on an embroidery! I found some time the other night and my goal is to finish this week! In the meantime here is more of me enjoying the heck out of our first very hot spring here 💛 I am at peace and I am at home with my husband here p.s it’s not a weird angle, my husband that huge of hands 🧐😂💛

i’ve been daydreaming about having a clothesline since like 2013, but we always had wood to chop, fires to tend, animals to feed, commutes to take, houses to build, trucks to fix, water to carry and i don’t know what all else but anyway now i’m in beautiful east tennessee and here’s my clothesline.

Henny that survived the dog attack has gone broody 💛 I almost wish we had a rooster for her efforts to not be in vain. Does anyone else let their chickens raise chicks? I’ve heard it can be very difficult with the other hens around.

💛 lovin my goat girls

I don’t use filters, for the sake of loving and trusting reality. But this felt like a Polaroid moment so I indulged. 💕

I JUST learned that we have several Persimmon trees in our backyard and I’m so excited!!! They’re super tall though, so I have no idea how I would ever harvest...? Last fall just after we moved here, I found two Persimmons in my yard and it was this huge mystery to me because none were left on any trees. I assumed they were carried some distance by a squirrel. I’m so happy they’re here!

oh to be a baby goat!

plantain pup • i swear his face gets more intelligent by the day. (by the way, major breakthrough this weekend and he is crate trained now! it’s so blessed 🙌🏼)

dirty fingernails // first year asparagus #myphonecouldntseeitbutido #ido

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