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Adam Koehler  Lover of coffee and Trekkies

My hunch is this pen was with me the night of my injury. Cuz ya see how it kinda bends just a tiny bit?

Weird picture I had on my phone.

Bomb cherry production I saw a while ago. Likely Colombia

Had a cute visitor today as I had my door open for air circulation.

Ordered a new incense stick holder off Amazon. It came in this box. Heh

I added words to a thing on a friends desk.

Big day y'all. I'm sitting up on a dryer cuz my timer was off for how long the washer would be. I climbed up here!!

Soundtrack rn

Had one of my friends over yesterday. He experienced my life a buncha the time. 9-ball pool on the iPad and PB mms ❤️

A cool thing I saw somewhere.

Cool thing I made from a picture up on my friends desk.

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