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HALEY SCOTT  ☼ CALIFORNIA ☼ 🌻The pursuit of a life well lived. 🌎Founder @GetTheConnection a Goal-Hitting Community


I just want to scream at every person I come in contact with how incredible you are. Scare the living daylights out of them-- because men like you don't deserve mediocrity, they deserve love that's crazy, stupid, and passionate to a fault..with a woman to match 😉 .
📷: @kbdawg
#justathought #letsbebestfriendsforever

How we feel after listening to @garyvee 's podcast! 😂
Do yourself a favor and go listen to it if you are sick of:
•feeling directionless.
•feeling run down.
•feeling like your best is never enough.
•or if you just want some general bad-assery.

He will kick you into high gear🔥
Millennial or not, you will love him
**just a disclaimer, homie tells it like it is (aka lots of profanity) so if you have sensitive ears, it's NOT for you **also this is'nt a paid post, we just really like him and like sharing when we find cool things! 😊 📷: @kbdawg ❤❤

"Everything in moderation-- including moderation"
I was talking with @johnfrancisbeauty and @mayson_vern today while they were working magic on my hair--about where the root of so many common issues in our world stem from.
We came to an interesting theory of extremism. Everyone is soo severe in their beliefs: democrat or republican, right or left, pro or against, etc.
Maybe if we were able to hold to our beliefs but adopt insight and understanding into other people's world view, we might make some progress.
🔆hope you guys are enjoying your week so far !

My handsome hunk and I went to @beverlyhillsconciergedoctor
to get us some yummy vein vitamins this morning☀️✨Thanks Doc Ali for taking care of us and keeping us happy and healthy! ••••••••••
tbh I've been staying up wayyy to late and having a little more cheat meals than I liked to admit 😢 Taking care of your body is NOT NEGOTIABLE--if you want to beat serious diseases and chronic issues. But we all have our moments when the chocolate and fries start calling your name😝🍫🍟 The key is not to stress. EAT IT & OWN IT, then get back ON IT. We're human, and sometimes this human wants pizza 😎 ya feel meh?


👯A best friend. This girl. I mean, she gave me a home when I didn't have one, fed me, checked in, followed through, advised, loved, and cared for me. Most of all she loved me when I was NOT lovable. When I was cranky, bitchy, rude, snappy, selfish. 🤦🏻‍♀️
It's easy to love someone when they're at their best. The true test of friendship is giving love when you are far from receiving it. ✌️
I love you NUGGG!! Thanks for putting up with my Gemini ways 😛😛😈😇 keep killin' it babyboo!💋💋

I was watching Mulan the other day and the emperor says something so interesting after he gets captured by the Huns and is demanded to bow down: he says,
"No matter how harsh the wind howls, the mountain cannot bow to it."😮--- I know it's a Disney movie and it's meant for kids, but damn.
I don't know about you, but I think we all need to be the mountain!! Haha
Be the boss 👊
Oh and S/O to my baby @wadepoezyn for snapping this shot😍

Too blessed to be stressed ✨
I'm learning that happiness is not the absence of problems, it's the ability to deal with them. 👊 Find someone you can tackle the hard stuff with--so sharing the relaxing moments (and coffee) is that much better 😍

I found it. It wasn't rocket science, It wasn't complicated. It came out of the blue when I least expected it. I guess people search for love because it really is everything it's hyped up to be.

💡People tend to shy away from being labeled a "role model" for someone else. It's too much pressure, it's no fun, it's too big of shoes to fill, Right? ✋️No, You're looking at it all wrong.
It is the ultimate achievement in life to have someone look at the way you move through the world, the way you carry yourself--and want the same for themselves. Don't take that honor lightly. You were made to achieve incredible things--and if someone else sees that in you, it's your duty to see it in yourself. ☀️
#justathought --------------------
Ps! Sorry for being MIA on social lately, ya girl got off track. Life has a funny way of doing that 😂😘

I heard smiling helps you live longer....120 here I comeeeee 😁🌹

🎂Birthdays are interesting. Everyone makes them up to be this spectacle, filled with expectations for happiness+perfection. The bar is set so high for you to have fun--that sometimes it does the opposite. ☀️I took a different approach this year. I didn't have any expectations other than making sure the people I was with had fun celebrating with me. I tried to make a day meant for "me", be about the people I was with. Gotta say, this was definitely one of the best so far 🙏🏼 thank you for all the amazing birthday wishes!!💃😊 #justathought #geminiseason

I don't know you about guys, but I am a major people pleaser. I never want the people I'm around to go without. 🙅🏻It's my gift and also my curse. I've learned that when I put myself and my needs first, I'm a better person for everyone else. 💃SO DATE YOURSELF! Ask yourself what YOU really like! Not what your boyfriend, best friend, or coworkers like. Even if it makes it harder for you to relate to pop-culture and others. Who cares! •You don't want to dress like a Kardashian? DONT! •You would rather go camping instead of going to a concert? DO IT! •You want to focus on your career instead of going husband hunting on Friday night? HELL YEA!! The consequences if you don't are wayy worse than looking stupid or not relating. I promise. 💡Invest in yourself.
#justathought #doyou

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