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"He" is a musician... 🎢 This quote from Thien's Do Not Say We Have Nothing is pure poetry β€” the whole book is. Definitely deserves all the awards.

Always makes me wonder... πŸ€”:
'Tyger Tyger, burning bright,
In the forests of the night;
What immortal hand or eye,
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?'
β€”William Blake πŸ―πŸ™Œ
PS: she's getting groomed this week.

7 years old and my dog is still biting the noses off all the stuffed animals.

Grateful for generosity today. First @chaptersindigo gave me a shiny new book, no issue (or receipt required), and then George from @pestacioorganic stuffed these beautiful golden berries in my bag when I was already out the door and halfway down the street. "They're good for the sinuses," he said (caught my daughter's cold, alas). πŸ™ I'll find a way to pay it all forward.

Took me a bit to realize, but I just turned a page of Madeleine Thien's *Do Not Say We Have Nothing* and arrived in some guy named Andrew Forsthoefel's very very different book, *Walking to Listen.* I was, like, "Whaaaaat is going on? Who is this 'I'?" Then finally clued in! Luckily I'm reading at Indigo's Starbucks. Hoping they replace it now. I'll keep you posted! UPDATE: @chaptersindigo just gave me a brand new Forsthoefel-free copy. We were all laughing about the strange book defect.😊 UPDATE (AGAIN): Thien just tweeted me and said this is the second copy she knows of in which the two books were "interleaved" (beautiful word); she met the other book-owner in person to pick it up β€” "a chance and beautiful meeting."

Yoga isn't about achieving any kind of perfection; it's about being where you are. That's my practice now (right now!), anyway. Took this picture while out walking with the kids β€” amazing dark πŸ’ coloured 🌷

"Our work in yoga is only one: to undo the tension. Undo, not do. And then the other comes. It's invited. It comes." β€”Vanda Scaravelli

Slaying his kata... πŸ’œ

They both got their PURPLE ADVANCED BELTS πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

I can't tell. Do you think she's ready for bed?

I call him my "little witness." He doesn't do yoga, but he loves to be in the room every night when I practise at home β€” and this morning he came with me to the yoga studio and sat close by on a meditation cushion. As my teacher said, he's practising by osmosis. πŸ’•

Mother's Day square dance and tea was seriously the sweetest thing ever. We are blessed with one of the best teachers in the world. Thank you, Mr. G.

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