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Haley Kirkpatrick  Jesus Lover / Wife / Mama / Seminary Student / Writer / Reader / Yoga-er / Crossfitter / Runner / Baker / Knitter / Jump In With Both Feet-er


An early morning conversation with @lorewilbert yielded this reminder today. I left my office this morning to go get Baby Son, knowing this reminder was timely.
I returned three hours later, forgetting it was waiting for me. Somehow, in the span of just a few hours the weight of those words is heavier and they ring all the more true.
God promises a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of despair. If, in our mourning we hold fast to him--and even if in our holding fast we beat our fists against his chest, disappointed, angry, confused--our mourning will turn toward life. For he is the Living God, who promises his children not just life, but life to the full. We cannot truly encounter him and come away less alive.

Nearing the end of our #Whole90. Craving burritos ALL WEEK, so we're having burrito bowls (tonight AND for the following two nights because meal prep and thank God for a husband who likes leftovers / repeats). Cilantro like cauli rice, lamb, broccoli, and avocado crema.

It's my beautiful best friend @simpsoka's birthday today. This world is better with you in it. Happy Birthday Kath. ❤🚂

The longer I'm married to Scott, the more I see that he is more and other than what I thought I wanted and needed in a husband. I am also learning that those things he is and does, which I did not anticipate needing, are some of my favorite things about him. They are also some of the things that God uses most often to teach me and grow me.
He is patient in ways that I am not. He prefers slow, well researched change, whereas I cannonball first and look second. He dreams bigger than I have dared and holds out his hand, asking me to dream even bigger with him.
This is a picture of grapefruit LaCroix with lime and ice, exactly how I like it on a hot day, which I have never said to him once in our three and a half years of knowing each other. But it (along with my favorite snacks) is what was waiting for me after mowing the lawn. Because he sees me and he knows me in ways I never knew I wanted to be seen and known l (including a husband who knows my favorite refreshing beverages).

It's a bit of a rough one today, but then I came outside to pick up dog poop. And on my way to the trashcan I walked by our rosebush. And it is overflowing with buds and flowers, dying to bring new life, new flowers, new-unashamedly-beautiful-almost-to-the-point-of-obscenity roses into this world.
Just because.
Just because that is how rosebushes are. This is what God has written into their DNA to do and be, and so that is what this rosebush does.

Cauliflower rice with purple onion and shiitakes, @iheartumami.ny's teriyaki chicken, and @thedefineddish's bok choy from her Mongolian beef recipe. Because it's the freakin' weekend y'all.

Chicken Biryani and the Enneagram. And then later a movie. Because Saturdays and Whole90 and @kirkavailable's weekend off.
This is from @theunskilledcavewoman , by the way. And I almost can't wait to eat it. Except that I can because I have no desire to get salmonella.
#whole30 #whole30recipes #whole90 #indiancurry #saturdaymorelikesaturyay #thatkirkpatricklife

Mostly I'm fine living hundreds and thousands of miles from my best and closest people. Until we spend time together in person. The days and weeks after I'm a little tender, a little lonely, and I feel the ache of the distance in my bones.
This one, @simpsoka, she's been around awhile and we've done quite a bit of living, the pair of us. Her friendship is, well, I don't really have words. I just know I don't want to know what life is like without her. She is a generous friend, and she rivals my mom for best gift giver. So when I get texts like this from her just a few days after having her with me IN PERSON, my heart is filled up even as it aches with missing her. Also, keeping gifts a secret is always a challenge, and I love that about her too.

Mondays in the Kirkpatrick household are full of grocery shopping and meal prep. Usually I have something on Netflix or I catch up a show. But then I found @motherbirth.co and I am so glad it's finally nap / meal prep time because MORE MOTHERBIRTH.
Whether or not you're a mom, you should check out (and fall in love with and subscribe to) this podcast. Bonus: hearing your friend @nishweiseth share a piece of her journey. .
#motherbirth #motherhood #momlyfe #postpartumdepression

I had to frog the collar twice, but I'm FINALLY knitting my first (adult sized) sweater. Big ups to @simpsoka for holding my hand through the Turkish cast on and the short rows. Also I want to knit everything in this gorgeous book.
#knitting #knitstagram #withinknits #firesidepullover

TOMORROW. SHE GETS HERE TOMORROW. My best friend is coming tomorrow. More than being excited to hug her and see her for reals and not through a computer screen, I am most excited to watch her finally hold our little boy in her arms. She love fiercely, his Auntie Kathy, and I am so grateful he is about to experience her love in person.

What do you do when you're in the middle of your Whole90, but all you want is a peanut butter pickle bacon burger from Killer Burger? You get some sugar free bacon, make a ton of sweet potato fries, and make an almond butter sauce to smother your burger instead.

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