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Just sitting on the back porch researching during nap time. EVERYONE REMAIN CALM. (Also I edit journal articles as I read them. Yes, ones that have already been published.) #whatseminarylookslike #momlyfe #seminarylyfe #nodefinitearticlebeforeMT

FIRST. PIZZA. IN. THE. NEW. HOUSE. #thatkirkpatricklife #pizzanight #beyrlmanorhereweare

A bit of delicious and pretty in the midst of organized chaos. #beyrlmanorhereweare #thatkirkpatricklife #unpackingfordays #howdidallthisfitinourapartment

We did it. We're finally out. It took three hours longer than we thought it would to finish cleaning and packing today, but we've turned in our keys and are officially OUT of our first place. I still marvel at all the life we lived there and how much we learned about love and friendship and family and marriage in those four walls. .
And now it's on to life in Beryl Manor, more blessing and gift than I can yet comprehend packed into such a beautiful home. (We love you Reeds!)
#thatkirkpatricklife #partingissuchsweetsorrow #berylmanorherewecome #laterlaurellane

#tbt to the last time our apartment was full of boxes (August 17, 2014). I cannot believe we've lived in these 750 square feet for over two and a half years! Neither of us imagined we would be here this long, and that makes moving all the more bittersweet and amazing. It was starting to feel like we would be here forever. .
We move tomorrow, and couldn't be more excited about our new home and all the loving, living, and growing we will do there. We will still have the same amount of stuff to unpack, but it will be a bit more spread out which makes the whole task less daunting. .
#berylmanorherewecome #partingissuchsweetsorrow #thatkirkpatricklife #peaceoutlaurellane

Our very last pizza night in our very first home together. I am so excited and grateful for our new living situation, but this is the only home we've ever known together. We learned how to fight and how to love, how to celebrate and how to cry, how to be surprised and how to be disappointed. We have learned so much in these 750 square feet, and I will always be grateful for these first two and a half years. #thatkirkpatricklife #pizzanight #berylmanorherewecome #partingissuchsweetsorrow

TODAY WAS A BIG DAY. From now on, I'm never doing laundry again. J/K. From now on, when I do laundry, I get to do it AT HOME.
Husband decided the best way to count down our last two months in our very first home together was by laundry days. So grateful to have had an amazing, eco friendly, beautiful place to wash our things (shoutout to @spinlaundry!!), and so excited to be able to just pop downstairs and throw in a load. Also we have a laundry chute!! #thatkirkpatricklife #berylmanorherewecome #laundryday #eatdrinklaundry

Sometimes when he's too busy to text he sends me videos. This is from this morning. He's getting ready to head outside and spray stuff on the course. I think he is the cutest husband! #mymrkirk #husbandcrusheveryday

We were too busy talking, eating, and laughing to take a picture, but here are the remains of our last adult picnic in our very first apartment together. It is an understatement to say we are excited about moving (and moving into our friends' beautiful home while they embark on an adventure in France), and leaving this place will be far more bittersweet than I ever imagined. #thatkirkpatricklife #berylmanorherewecome #asthefrenchsayincroyable

We're doing a ton of cleaning and organizing with our upcoming move (a week and a half! 🙌🏽), and I LOVE diffusing some Purification while we do. It makes me feel like I'm taking cleaning to a whole new level. #thatkirkpatricklife #berylmanorherewecome #younglivingessentialoils #purification

Tired parents celebrating Valentines all low-key tonight. But on Thursday he's taking me on my second secret surprise date of the month. Super secret surprise date or super tired dinner with Walking Dead and cookies, I'm so mad about this man. We waited a long time to find each other, and it was worth every second of waiting. #mymrkirk

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