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H A L E Y C H R I S T I N E  follower of Jesus | photographer | auntie | hope to travel the world someday, just one photograph at a time 🌎📷


& then we ate lots of food✨ #haleychristinephotography #hcpcouples

Happy ONE month to this baby boy! It's hard to believe it's already been 4 weeks with you a part of our *crazy* family and we couldn't love you more Ian Lennox 😍 #auntlifeisthebestlife
P.S. Spot a cool poppy in the background

Thank you all for serving!!! And for catching @thejasongarcia #dreamteam

Ian Lennox: born @ 8:41 am - 7lbs 11oz - 20in long ❤️ and like the rest of them, he has stolen my heart. | Last night I was cleaning the headboard I've been needing to clean for ages and then I went to grab my old prom dress from high school that I'm going to sell and since it's been years of course I had to try it on to make sure it still fit 😜 which it did (cue high five) and at that exact moment we got the call that my brother and sister in law were headed to the hospital! My initial thought was, right now??! I'm currently in a old prom dress, my camera gear is split up into 3 different bags and I haven't showered so my hair is a complete mess. Oh and I took a whole benadryl *to go to sleep* -- But it doesn't even matter because my 3rd nephew is here and healthy and more perfect than we could imagine. Plus, @elishadene & @budlow make some pretty cute babe's don't you agree?? Welcome to this crazy unpredictable world, Ian 😍 #auntlifeisthebestlife

Happy birthday to this sweet genuine soul who is officially a teenager now #what 💞

The single version of #xomarriageconference

Are you a high school girl? If you answered yes we want you to join @celebrationchurch's high school small group called SOUL SISTERS! Tonight at the Student Center! New name, new ideas and new plans. Held every other Sunday @ 5pm in different locations. One week we will play a sport the next we will hangout and watch a movie or go grab coffee and chat about life, boys, friendships and even college!! The conversations are endless. We would love to connect on a deeper level and in a smaller setting so make sure you make it for some girl time! It wasn't that long ago that we were in you're shoes so we are here to pour into you!
We will be meeting at the church and playing kickball (requested by most of you already) but of course you don't have to play, we would love to have the first day for getting to know new faces and hang out with all of you! ❤️ See you at 5:00pm @ the Student Center

Anyone want to do a discounted in-home session for Valentines Day?? DM me for details!

When I think about tomorrow being Friday // #friyayvibes

Happy birthday to my favorite sis-in-law, Elisha 😉 Best mama to my nephews, wonderful wife to my brother and just all around the sweetest. I'm proud to call her my sister!! Nuff said.

Once we stop looking for the approval of others, we will be content with who we are and who God called us to be. | Don't wait around for the applause and the praise of others. Discover who God wants you to be and be content in knowing His call on your life ✨ #celebrationchurch #firstwednesday


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