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Haley Chambers  livin' in the sunshine state somewhere listening to lord huron β€’ traveling? Visit the link below πŸ‘‡πŸ»


When you accidentally stumble across the most epic storm you've ever seen.

There's something about creating space. Taking things off walls. Getting rid of possessions.
When you create the space in your physical life and in your spiritual life, you'd be amazed what you find. You'll find the things that mean the most. & forget the things that were merely supposed to pitch a tent but claimed residency. We have the ability and authority to take things off the walls on our hearts. Let's do that more. & replace those things with space for Holy things to take place.
Happy Saturday folks ✌🏻

Random stairwells in the middle of the city. Somehow we always find ourselves in scenarios like this every time we get together. Miss you friend πŸ’›

To anyone flipping through this book, they may think it's just another book for your coffee table.
To me it's inspiration.
A book full of photographs, of distant shores , some people may never get the privilege to see with their own eyes. Stories of adventure. Not sought out adventures, but results of when things go seemingly wrong. "To truly embrace anything that's worthwhile, we have to be willing to shiver just a little bit." "In a world that is getting louder and louder, it's never been more important to seek out the last quiet places." @chrisburkard
I've wanted this book for a while now & some dear friends gifted it to me for my recent birthday. Something I'll cherish for a long long time. And I hope one day I'll get to follow the same adventures and even more.

Wishing I was in Miami every weekend

"You should smile or something" & this was her response amongst some more awkward smiles and stares. 😜
Thankful for this lady's authenticity and care to detail. Glad I found a friend in you @lindzbren
Also lunch hangs with her and @j.m.mcqueen are πŸ’―

Cheers to 24! Another year another selfie.

What's your dream? The things you see yourself doing but never have. The places you see yourself going but never have.
These may be the exact things that could bring you the joy you've been searching for or the passion you need to wake up everyday.
The dream you have in your heart is as specific as your God. God knows. He deposited & He is faithful to fulfill.
Fear holds us back. fear of rejection. of failing. of what others might think. fear of going against the norm of tradition. fear of leaving comfort.
There is something inside you that wants to "walk on the water" - to leave the comfort of routine existence and abandon yourself to the high adventure of following God.
Pushing through the fear is less frightening than living with the underlying fear that at the end of your life you may regret ignoring those dreams. Simply because of the comfort of your day to day life. Rather you do it afraid or find a way to push through the fears, I hope that at the core of what you pursue or do, you ultimately find Jesus.


Ready for another backpacking adventure on the AT

Lunch time Skate shop hangs πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

Essential Oils burning, Lord Huron in the back ground, and windows open in the middle of this Fla summer. Monday's may not be that bad 😌

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