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Haley Smith  This account is about my fitness and weight loss journey. I'm here to motivate and help anyone out! Feel free to message or comment anytime!

With a new gym, comes a full new lifting routine! We’ve been doing some odd feeling lifts and circuits for the last couple of weeks just to learn the new equipment. Today we did inverted row in one of our circuits for 45 seconds x 5 sets. •
I’m planning on hosting another dietbet for Christmas and New Years! I’ll be posting the full routine in the Dietbet for anyone that wants to check it out and after that, I’ll likely share on Insta. As soon as I finish my Dietbet details, I’ll post!

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Comical little side by side for ya. I actually went up on my box jump height today and felt really proud , but it’s still nothing compared to Matt’s. This isn’t even his full vertical, but it’s the highest we had. I’m so damn scared that I’ll bust my shins that I barely even jump. My goal is to go up a little next week. If he can casually jump almost as tall as I am (5’10) then surely I can jump over a foot!

Before I get lots of ppl saying I shouldn’t compare myself to Matt; I’ll go ahead and say that I don’t. He motivates and challenges me, but it doesn’t get me down that he can do more on most stuff. It’s not about comparison, it’s about pushing our own limits and encouraging one another.

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Today’s workout had me begging for burpees. We did a circuit of dumbbell step ups, single leg dead lift, and burpees - 4 sets of 45 seconds each. During the dead lifts I was actually wishing to already be at burpees. I did my sets with 25lbs, but you could do what works for you. Take it easy though because any workout that has you wanting to skip straight to burpees is pretty intense!
Not pictured: the sweat literally dripping off my whole body.

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Today captain’s chair was taken so I figured I’d do my leg lifts at the dip station. I didn’t think I’d have the shoulder strength and hopped up on it as sort of a joke. I was able to do the first full set so Matt told me I had to do em all there 😑
My flippin hands hurt more than anything. I’m going to have bruised palms for sure! We did plank intervals for 6 minutes total and I ended up doing em on my finger tips, elbows, one handed, etc just because my palms hurt so bad. 😖
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Wore the tightest shirt I own today and couldn’t help but feel good. I actually woke up a couple lbs over what I’ve been at, but I figured the only person that notices that crap is me. Don’t let a couple of off days or lbs get in your head. The number doesn’t have to matter if you don’t let it. It’s how you feel that counts! Of course I still have a goal weight in mind, and some days I struggle with the fact that I’ve been on the plateau FOREVER, but it’s all about the journey.

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Gotta spend as many nights with friends as possible! Going to make y’all tired of me before I leave:)

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Happy Friday!!! Got a good arm workout in. Now, I’m celebrating with eggs benny for breakfast! 😋

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So as many of you may have noticed from our Halloween theme, Matt and I have an announcement! Since we visited New Zealand a year ago, I’ve told everyone I want to move there and since we bought this house in Amarillo, Matt’s told everyone he’s selling it and moving haha. Well it’s time that we do just that - we are selling this wonderful, amazing, horrible, nightmare house of ours and heading to Middle Earth. Several years of blood, sweat, and tears from our family and us have gone into making this an amazing home, but it’s time for us to go on an adventure. Our parents are of course going to miss us but are mostly just happy to support our dreams and visit😉 (and after MUCH consideration, even Bethany is halfway on board...sometimes.) We don’t know all of the details, but here’s what pretty much everyone asks:
1. We do not have jobs yet, a place to stay, cars, or furniture. We have lots of leads and ideas though - trust us we are thinking about all of these things and trying to be as responsible as you can when just dropping everything and moving. No one worries about us starving and being homeless as much as we do hahahahaha. Seriously.
2. We are staying here through February at least and maybe more if the house stays on the market. So we have a couple of months to plan and settle things here in the states.
3. Wellington is our ideal city, but that could change.
4. Most importantly, we are going to miss all of our family and friends so much. We want to make the most of our time here with you all, and we’ll be back in just a short year! Start saving today and come visit!
This is probably one of the scariest and most exciting things we’ve ever set our minds to. I’ll be sharing more on our journey as we know more!

This morning was the first snow of the season here in the panhandle! It says 0% precipitation, but it’s coming down! Cold mornings are my hardest days to get up. When I do convince myself to get up, my muscles freeze in the car on the way to the gym so it’s hard for me to get a good workout in. So here’s to waking up, warming up, and staying on track! 💪🏼

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Happy Friday!!! Here’s some photos my sweet friend @marisa_catalina took for her photography class! A couple of years ago, if a friend would have asked if she could take some pix, there’s NO way I woulda said yes. So many things have changed in the last couple of years. Working on health and fitness has come with so many benefits. Can’t help but be happy looking at the pictures!

On a side note, the winner in the Planet Fitness giveaway is @amyt57
I’ll message you to get your mailing info!

Today is the last day to enter the giveaway! I’ll announce the winner in a post tomorrow! This is just to give back to an awesome gym that has given so much to me in the last two years!

To enter:
1. Follow me
2. Tag 3 friends that need some good gym motivation.
You can enter as many times as you like, but you have to tag 3 different people each time, and it cannot be strangers. You can share the giveaway on your page for extra entries. I’ll choose a winner next Friday and announce here. You must be in the contiguous US to enter.

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