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Haleighs Spam👽  Uhohspaghettio🍝

Guys I'm gonna be graduated in the next basically month I'm so happy I'm finally gonna e done with school after 12 miserable ass years

Foam and glow was so much fun I wanna live at a rave now

Oh the guy also gave me a tattoo of a daisy on my hand so my mom officially wants to kill me😂

Look at my new tattooooo

Me when i tweeze my eyebrows

Babe doesnt get home until like 12 so ima go shave and exfoliate and put on a face mask then put on some hot ass langerie and sweats and when he comes home just be like BOOM and surprise him then pull outy handcuffs and have good ass sex that is what i call some self care

I miss her i miss her i miss her i normally dont post about her because it helps others not hurt as much by not seeing things about her but i just miss her so fucking much right now i just tried texting her to see if she wanted to hangout then halfway through the text remembered and i just want her to come see me and watch movies and listen to ptv together and aghhhhh i am going crazy help


Im sad and im sick asf and bleh life basically

Look at the Stitch

Im actaully so fucking sad rn i just want my baby to come home and im all alone at the house and i just feel so alone :)))))))))

Them boys sexy😈

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