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Taking a Booksta-Break
Those of you who know me even a little bit know how much I appreciate everyone here and how much this community has helped me through some of my darkest times 🖤 but times are dark again and I’m feeling like I can’t breathe - so I’m going to take a little insta-break. I’m just not feeling creative, or motivated, or anything really... I pre-appreciate those of you who stick with me through this! I’ll come out the other side eventually and post my 1k giveaway even though I’ll probably lose a significant amount of followers by then - but fuck it, it’s those of you who stick around that make all the difference anyway 🖤 thanks for being here when I need you 🖤 I’m spending a lot of time at my parents place trying to recharge - it’s magical here and the fur-company ain’t half bad either 🖤 #bookstagrammer

Today I think it’s important to be grateful for your people. I know not everyone’s situation is the same, but I got news yesterday that my surgery failed and all I could really think about was how lucky I am to have these people.. my mom is this pillar of strength and resistance, she keeps me standing and keeps me grounded. My dad is my dad. In his arms nothing can hurt me, and when he tells me not to worry I know I don’t have to. And my brother always there to remind me what’s real and he listens and tells me I’m not crazy, even though sometimes I might be!! Anyway that’s us, I can’t speak for everyone but my people make me a better person. If I’m strong it’s because they made me strong, if I’m moving forward it’s because they’re walking with me, and a year from now - whatever life looks like, I know it’ll be fine because I’ll always have my people ♥️ #family #motherdaughter #daddysgirl #brothersister #mypeople #familygoals #strength #love #hugyourpeople #myfamily❤️

One of my favorite families came out to visit me and the parents yesterday and it was so lovely (I wasn’t ... obviously, but them coming to hang out was certainly a lovely gesture 😂)❤️ there’s just those people who you’ve known you’re whole life that you hope you know the rest of you life - you know what I mean?! Anyways @liz_bess and I ended up watching Big Little Lies basically from start to finish! (She still needs to watch the finale since I stayed up and watched it after she went to sleep!) 😂 and I haven’t read the book but wow what a rollercoaster of a story! Mom had this hiding on the shelf so maybe I’ll give her a flip-in through! #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #biglittlelies #hbo #lakehouse #laketime #surgerysucks #recovery #randr #bookishgirl #readingspot #bookgarden #secretgarden #bookishplaces

@nameless_city_apparel wants to see some of my favorite art so here it is!!
First up is Triumph by Heather Theurer :: I absolutely love her style! She’s paints all kinds of characters from fantasy, Disney, religious figures, etc. and I love them all but Triumph holds a special place in my heart! Check her out!
Next is a charcoal drawing by Robert Longo :: literally takes my breath away! That is all
Last but not least is a wonderful woman I actually discovered here on instagram, @zarialynn :: She has this amazing gift of transporting you these locations she paints (seriously aren’t you cold just looking at that!). It’s my dream to have one of her wave pieces to just stand in front of and let the calming effects carry all my troubles away! She also uses her art to raise awareness for the polar ice caps and global warming concerns. So basically she’s incredible and I love her!
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Honestly this should be tattoo’d on my forehead #somanyemotions #solittletime

Well y’all we did it!!
Mom and I made it all the way through HP and obviously it was wonderful ❤️ rereading the series now has had such a different effect than when I originally read the series! The books truly grow with you and impact you differently as time goes on! And reading them with my mom was so special! We laughed and cried together! And we judged characters together! And now that it’s over there’s definitely that stereotypical feeling of both triumph and sadness! But I’m confident I’ll be back to visit Hogwarts ❤️ you couldn’t keep me away if you tried!
Just a couple thoughts I have post series wrap up:
1. I get that Snape loving Lily really came in handy there at the end but I don’t really forgive how ugly he is to everyone
2. I think the only movie casting I really disagree with is Lily and James Potter - they should’ve looked younger.
3. What they changed Ginny into in the movies is so unforgivable
4. Hagrid doesn’t get enough credit for what an incredible and instrumental character he is
5. If there’s one thing I prefer from the movies it’s the final duel between Harry and Voldy - just my personal opinion!
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Welp it’s about that time - last book of the series 😭 it’s so bitter sweet! I’m sure everyone is ready for me to stop posting about Harry Potter! ⚡️ Mom and I will be at the battle of Hogwarts tomorrow! Hope everyone else has some magical Friday plans!
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Show yourself some love today ❤️ national selfie day 😂 #myiidentitystyle #nationalselfieday #iwokeuplikethis #notreally #laurenisthebest

**Scroll at your own risk! Consider yourself warned!!** just kidding it’s not rly that bad, just kindof icky
However if you’re curious for a medical update here it is! Since my bone graft/reconstruction attempt in March (first pic bottom is pre surgery and top is current) the skin on the roof of my mouth hasn’t healed/covered the bone properly (big surprise there 🙄 not) you can see this in pic 3. Now the plan is to go in and use the temple muscle to cover the area (this is illustrated in pic 4). To answer a few common questions - no my head won’t be shaved, it’s outpatient so no hospital stay, and the risk of losing muscle function in my forehead is about 10%.This surgery is set up for July 10. Hopefully I’ll be moving forward from this quickly after and making more progress on teeth and range of motion! My jaw still only opens 6-8 centimeters and IT SUCKS!
This whole thing has been such a trip y’all. Most days I don’t even like talking about it which is mainly why this post is here. When people ask me about it I usually give limited or no information just because I’m sooooooo sick of it all!!!! But gotta do what we gotta do right! And this is what I have to do right now! #fuckcancer #adayinthelife

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