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Onilogbo Hakeem effect  Best makeup Artist (AMVCA)2017. Africa's best makeup Artist (AMAA) 2016 & 2017 hakeemeffectonilogbo@yahoo.com hakeemeffectonilogbo@gmail.com .

SFX transformation no foundation nor concealer, new project experiment,.... Making black bleach. Before/After

Before /After sfx Transformation. No foundation nor concealer...... New project experiment making black bleach @hakeemeffect

Before / After Eki Osagie. SFX transformation no foundation nor concealer, New project experiment ,making dark person bleach.......... @hakeemeffect

WATERMARK? NO!!!! i know this is an avenue for some incompetent bloggers to write fake stories , this is not Abeokuta flood , Its just a fake bodies built by @hakeemeffect for a movie......

JACK OF ALL TRADES! "Being a jack of all trades doesn't mean you're master of NONE. You've probably heard the derogatory saying "JACK OF ALL TRADES, master of none" it implies that by trying to learn many things,you give up mastery of any of them. This is the reason whyI stopped make over 5years ago, and I decided to concentrate on special effects full time, there was a time I jumped on set designing/props in order to make more money,,,,,but I realized my value dropped CU's I wanted to be master of all, a lot of people advised me to add visual effects to my special effects ,,,,thanks for this wonderful partner Eki .....she advised me to drop other skills and concentrate on special effects makeup,,,,it was a tough decision CU's of hunger,....how will I earn a living if I stop doing makeover, set and props......how many films has special effects but all films must need the services of ,,set props and makeup Artist. I made a dangerous decision, I stopped..... But I suffered for 2years before picking up......the suffering of 2 years of hard work and experiments is what am enjoying today......(Mo toro loju..... ki Naira le teriba) meaning (ignore coins so Naira can bow for you) .its not by hard work, or by numbers of skills you have, its by his grace(GOD)

Prosthetic body by @hakeemeffect. 3d vultures by @tise4ever

Throw back of my makeup transformation ......Eki to Nelson Mandela Today would have been his 100years birthday .... Rest on Madiba

Throwback Thursday,,,,,,,body built @hakeemeffect

Mission accomplished, on to another...... Thanks my beautiful fans all over the world for your support and love

AMVCA 2018 nomination .best makeup @hakeemeffect .And the winner is ?......

AMVCA 2018 nomination , best makeup @hakeemeffect. And the winner is ?........

TATU.....AMVCA 2018 nomination. Best makeup @hakeemeffect.......and the winner is ?.............

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