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Been thinking about this past weekend a lot. Incoming slight cheese post.
-- I've somehow managed to make some lasting friends through Otafest. I'm very thankful for them sticking around despite some residing in another city or province even. Here's to many more ice cream trips and dinner shenanigans.
Even if I don't talk to you because of one circumstance or another, I'll just be lurking here supporting from a distance.
#otafest #cosplay

Hello I remade megumin and entered into the cosplay craftsmanship competition. I won the beginners category!! c:
hopefully I can finish my explosion magic stick soon!! #megumin #megumincosplay #otafest

Happy Valentine's from the seasonal wife. Chuuni Rikka is still better rikka tho
Thicc thiggs Rikka is aight tho

#ssssgridman #rikkatakarada #rikkatakaradacosplay #ssssgridmancosplay #cosplay

I miss doing cosplay stuff...
I'll be working on megumin v2 after the semester ends. I'll probably enter v2 into local cosplay competitions or something
One of these days I wanna build rikka's giant chuuni weapon. I've thought about doing that for a long time but now I actually have the knowledge to back it up with.

#rikka #rikkatakanashi #chuunibyou #cosplay

The agency I'm at for my field placement is having an art exhibition depicting the history of Chinatown in Edmonton! Come check us out from Feb 2-9. Happy lunar new year everyone c:

#yeg #yegevents #art #yegart #yegartist

Eating away my new semester anxiety @doscrestaurant makes some great porridge!

#food #yegfood #porridge

Merry Christmas feat. Bougee lunchables
#food #yegfood

The gingerbread Hogwarts is even more impressive in person!
Duchess is amazing as always.

#gingerbread #candy #yeg #yegfood

My business hours everybody

Jk its this other person's shop in Richmond

I still can't take good photos of soup noods...
However @tokiwa_ramen has really improved a lot since they opened. The Goma Goma is pretty good!
#yegfood #food #ramen

hello this is version 1 of my bougee megumin and it was a trainwreck throwing this together but I'll go back and fix it so it's real good!! One day I'll learn how to pose in photos but for now I rely on meitu for making me look half decent
lmao I squint too much when I don't have my glasses on
📸: @jozucosplay
#cosplay #megumin #megumincosplay #konosuba

Making myself udon carbonara under the notion of self care helps me rationalize all the calories.

I used @izakayatomo 's recipe with my own addition of miso in the cream to make this! I'd say it's pretty close to what is served at the restaurant.

#yegfood #cooking #udon #carbonara

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