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GodMartineHaiti  - God - my everything - Born in Haiti - Resident - NY, USA

"Your right to privacy". The Ceo of Facebook sold and shared our FB accounts to Russia to vote for Trump. So he faced the right senator after God. @robin_des_bois_833

The car show was great with live band in NYC

We are all God's children and can be anything we want to be with His faithful promise.

Intentional by travis Greene. All things are working for our good cause God is intentional.

We pray for all

Thanksgivings Lord for patience and courage

Thanksgivings Lord for saving and changing us. # _teamjesus

Students and teachers having little fun in school playground in Haiti. They all look so beautiful. Sa kap fet? Credit: @haitivisuelle

The teachers in Haiti are teaching students to dream big and build their values. Credits to teachers. Students learn French , English and Spanish in school. Haitian Creole is the native born language

This is the way 5 years old children enter the classroom after singing the Haitian National Anthem to pull the flag up in Haiti. Then prayer once inside the class room. No class starts without prayer and haitian flag up. #thehaitianroom. Credits to teachers.

Thank you Lord. Pray wherever & whenever!

Haiti Fashion Week 2018 continues. People come from everywhere worldwide to be in Haiti during the fashion show week for support. Work girl.

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