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I ❤️ braiding  Sabrina|20|Austria(Europe) 🇦🇹 All braids done by me! 💕

Updo 🎀 Kind of really motivated to get back into braiding at the moment 🤗

Lace braids, five strands & waterfall twists ❄️ Happy December! ☺️ Had to take a pic in the snow today cause I’m pretty sure it will all be gone tomorrow, oh well 😕⛄️

4-strand snake braid with a ribbon ☺️ 🎀

Zipper braid on my sister ☀️

On Tuesday last week I met up with my good friend Perry @hairbyperry_ ☺️ We just met up at a Starbucks in the city and did some catching up and of course also a bit of braiding 💕

I did a stacked five-strand braid into a braided flower on Perry and Perry did two French fishtails into a rosette inspired by @braidsbyjordan on me ☺️ (It‘s such a struggle getting any decent pics of my dark hair, especially when it‘s already almost dark outside 🙄)

Hi! 🤗 I‘m back!
Can‘t believe the last time I posted was more than half a year ago 🙈 But now that I‘ve gratuated high school a few weeks ago I finally have some time to braid again 🙌🏼 Did this waterfall braid and waterfall twist into a fishtail bun yesterday 🤗 Hopefully I‘ll be able to post about once a week over the summer ☀️

Hey guys! 🙋🏻 Did this 5-strand braid on my sister a few weeks ago! Sorry for my inactivity but school took over my life pretty much 😅 Just had my fall break though, which was nice because my dad and I went to Oslo, Norway for a few days which was amazing (sadly didn’t get any hair pics though) and it’s now one of my favorite cities ☺️

Came across a new hair pic from this summer on my camera roll today haha 😅🌸 ⬆️ Also I went back to school this week. It's my last year of high school yay 🤗📚

Here's the hairstyle @hairbyperry_ did on me 🌷💕
2 lace 4-strand braids into a stacked fishtail inspired by @hairstyles_by_anna_sofia ☺️

Waterfall twists into a bubble fishtail inspired by @hairstylesbygabby on @hairbyperry_ yesterday 💕

I'm so happy with how this pic turned out ☺️

Met up with Perry @hairbyperry_ today! 💕
We had so much fun shopping, chatting, braiding and taking pics ☺️ Meeting up every summer has kind of become our tradition haha can't believe this was our 3rd meet up already ☺️ I'm so grateful for the amazing friends I've gotten to know here on IG 😘

Braid pics coming soon! 🐵

Lace braids and waterfall twists into a bun ☀️

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