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Gretchen Leigh  Hairstylist 💇 Dog mom 🐶 Part time wanderer✈️ Divinity Salon 💆 Goldwell | Pulp Riot 🎨 #hairbygretchenleigh

How adorable is she?!? After a long talk about why Sun-in isn’t our friend (who didn’t love sun-in at 15?) we brought this beauty back to her natural sandy blonde and gave her the bob she’s been dreaming of. Just say no to sun-in kids, leave the lightening to the pros! 😉

•blame it all on my roots•
Shawna spent her summer living her red fantasy; and then decided it was time to go back to basics for winter. Nothing like a little color correction on a Thursday 😻

Sometimes you get to add a pop of color to your blonde! The lovely Lisa was ready for something fun for the holiday season, so I got a chance to play! Love when my clients let me come up with something new for them 💕

Happy Thursday! (Is anyone else wondering how it's already Thursday? Wasn't it just Monday? I digress). I'm sure you've seen this meme before, but it really got me thinking today.
How many other careers are there where your guest feels comfortable and supported enough to be truly vulnerable with their provider, AND they get to leave looking and feeling like a million bucks?
As a stylist; I have so many clients whose visits I look forward to because I know that we're going to break it down and get really open with each other. It's one of my favorite things about what I do. Those relationships have enriched my life in and out of the salon; and make coming to work something I truly look forward to.
I appreciate all of you; and know that what's said at the salon stays at the salon, so don't be afraid to raise your weird little flag and let it fly!

@wholeheartedcoaching bringing the Monday reminder that "perfect" is a construct. We're all doing the best we can with where we are. We're trying to grow; and when we know better, we do better. Give this lovely lady a follow if you're in the mood for a side of authenticity and warmth with your realness.

When your client is a knock out, it makes her bridal trial that much dreamier. Thank you to the lovely Siena and her fiancé Lars for a well spent Sunday! I can't wait for your big day!!

Sometimes your mom decides she wants fun hair for the holidays, so you get to give her the rainbow hair experience 😻

I can not get over the shine on Laura's new cranberry deliciousness 😻 We decided to go in a fun, saturated direction to beat back the winter blah's; and I think this *might*be my fave on her. What do you think?

Hey all! Here is an updated schedule for the month of December. I look forward to seeing you all this holiday season ❄️🎄❄️

True confession time-I'm an original member of the "I hate Mondays " squad. I have the t-shirt and everything. As I grew into my career behind the chair, and more recently since becoming the partner of an amazing man with three incredible kids, I had to admit that my Monday-hating had more to do with the feeling of being overwhelmed by my week than it did with hating Mondays. I've been joking with a lot of you lately in the salon that I have an an actual planner now-me! I know, I was shocked too. I'd describe myself as a moving ball of organized chaos on the best of days and now here I am with a paper planner, and a wall calendar, and my phone's calendar and alarm apps. When I finally figured how to make my days and hours work for me instead of chasing them around, I freed up a huge amount of mental energy that used to get wasted wondering what it was I was supposed to be doing that day. I'm not saying run out and buy a planner (I mean, maybe I am suggesting it) but now I know I can spend some time this morning drinking my coffee and cuddling with the dogs because I know for sure I don't have anywhere else I have to be. It's a Monday morning miracle 😉

Caramel blonde may be my favorite transition shade as we go from bright summer blonde to richer shades for winter. Does this shade of blonde say caramel brûlée latte to anyone else? How would you describe Ciaran's new color?

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