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Hair Tutorials  (none of these photos are mines)

I know I just posted but I'm absolutely in love with this steel blue dye job

Wow I'm gonna for a really really long time and come back with 4.1k 😱😘 thanks guys!! Anyways this hairstyle is really cute with colored hair and works for medium to long hair.

Sorry for not posting, I've been busy with personal things.. Anyways HAPPY EASTER! 😚😘

Been obsessed w lavender hair lately.. 😍🌸
QOTD: if you were to dye your hair what would it be??

For y'all who don't know I only upload on Sundays. Anyways check out @bebexo on YouTube for hair tutorials #springbreak

thanks to @tyleroakley and tumblr, lavender hair is the new rave 🌿

lovely // have a great day! 😊

Happy Early Vday lovelies.
Be My Valentine¿ 🌹

Happy Late Asian New Years 🎊

How to make a bun 10x more unique and fancy 😍
How's everyone doing?

Happy Sunday πŸ˜„

Omg Winter Break!
Hope y'all have a great holiday

QOTD: what's your most wanted gift this year? 🎁😊

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