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SWIPE: I haven't done this in a while, maybe because I don't eat out that often lately, or maybe because I eat out so much that I can't find the time to review the food because I'm already up to the next meal... In any case, I've recently been a few times at @TheRidgeSteakhouse in Monsey (formerly Sushi Metsuyan), they are under new ownership for close to a year now and everything has improved tremendously. I never liked the place under the old ownership, it was small and dingy, the food never really spoke to my soul (besides a few signature dishes), and the staff were not very friendly. I must say, after trying the place a few times under the new owners, all of the above has improved and now it is actually one of my top choices to eat in Monsey.

Let's start with the actual venue: the entire store was renovated, they even expanded to the next store making it one big ballroom with more then enough space for everyone. In center of the venue there is a big bar (no seating) where all the drinks are made as soon as they are ordered. The store is very nicely decorated and has a very clean look.

The staff is super friendly both on the phone and in person. The past few times I was there, the chef  @HudsonChef came out and greeted the guest one by one making sure that the food was to their liking. I know the chef from the past and it was nice to see that he actually cares about the food.

I didn't try too many dishes since they reopened but the ones I did try were very tasty and good. Everyone has their "thing" that brings them back to their favorite restaurant, and my "thing" at The Ridge is definitely the smoked fillet, a thick piece of steak, it has a smokey taste (I like smokey stuff in meat and wine) and is pretty amazing. There is one dish that I do miss from the old owners: spicy edamame. So if the new owners read this: please bring it back due to my (popular) demand.

Their alcohol menu is also very good and improved. They have a full line of wines and cocktails, also some amazing decorees that taste very natural. Continued...

SWIPE FOR MORE: A million dollar facde doesn't have to cost a million dollars. Sometimes it's just a little face-lift that makes all the difference. Swipe to see some before pictures.
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