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Hailey wilson✌️  Concerts & cats 🎶😻 || Zumiez 054

The cutest lil big boy ever ❤️❤️ (follow his Instagram for some pretty dang cute pictures)

I also want to give a shoutout to this one!!!! Ren has helped me so much this whole entire year and supported me when I needed it most and always made me feel like I could achieve whatever I wanted this year!! You’re the best thank you so much!!!! 🤗🤗 #zumiez100k #100k2019

Some of you might remember my post from the beginning of this year (lol go look at it if you dont) I talked about how it was going to be a long year full of hard work and dedication... well guess what IT PAID OFF!!! I officially got #1 in the company in Zumiez!!! I would just like to thank every single person who made this 100k experience the most amazing couple days ever!! They surprised me and flew my mom out for the ceremony and basically made me bawl my eyes out on stage in front of everyone!! Don’t worry it was a happy cry! Zumiez you are amazing!!! Thank you again everyone!! #zumiez100k #100k2019 #number1 #thankyouzumiez ... oh also check the last video to get twisted!! 🤘🏻😂

The epitome of there’s 2 types of girls on Halloween (also Ren stole this awesome caption from me)

He said my hair needed more spaghetti sauce #dasnowtahorrorstory

Shout out to andrew for taking us on cool adventures AND taking cool pictures of us!!

Spontaneous trips to duluth are always a good idea

I feel like I'm reliving my childhood by buying a season pass ... best decision ever though 😂

I think this soundset was a success ❤

An old lady yelled at us right after this because the fire was too bright🔥#literallytoolit 😂

Dont leave Minnesota!!! ❤❤

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