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Hailey Hester  19 NPC Bikini University of Alabama @steelfitusa “HAILEY10” YouTube: Hailey Hester

i wish i could add the audio of all my friends hyping me up

posting this because it’s #humpday and i’m currently laying in bed, eating chicken, and looking NOTHING like this. #reality

2016, 16 years old —> 2019,19 years old

change doesn’t happen overnight.
there are 3 years in between these stage shots, and even though there are PLENTY of physical changes, I am able to see 2 completely different girls.
The girl on the left was brand new to bodybuilding, and was mentally drained. I’d been prepping for 9 months before this show and my anxiety and depression were at an all time high. I was seeing a therapist 3 times a week and was developing serious eating disorders. My self love was basically non existent and i was hurting badly.
The girl on the right has been in this sport for 3 years and has found her calling and her purpose. My anxiety is very minimal and haven’t experienced a depressive episode in over a year. My relationship with food is much healthier and I feel healthy. I love myself and know my worth like I never knew I would. I am healing.
If you’re able to get ANYTHING from this post, and from my journey, let it be that GOD IS NOT FINISHED WITH YOU. you may be hurting, but He is HEALING you.
He is continually molding you into who you’ve always been called to be 💛 #thebestisyettocome #npcbikini #teenbikinicompetitor #transformationtuesday

feeling very blessed after this weekend✨ i walked away with 3 big trophies and a medal. i placed 5th in Novice, 4th in Open, and 1st in Teen. less than 2 weeks until I get to bring an even better package to the stage. #npcbikini #bodybuilding #battleonthebluff #12daysout

prejudging is in the books for Battle on the Bluff💛

i got first callouts for Novice, Open, and Teen! We will know about placings tonight at the night show, but placements aside, my heart is overwhelmed with gratitude for the tremendous support i have received over this entire prep.
Bodybuilding is and can be a very selfish sport, but my friends and family have stood by my side not just through this prep, but through the 3 years since I got started.
God has blessed me with the most amazing support system and with all the tools I need to achieve my goals. to Him goes all the glory. #battleonthebluff #npcbikini #teenbikinicompetitor

post workout vibes in this beautiful florida weather☀️ i’m currently on vacation at Disney World to watch my baby brother play in his high school marching band in the Disney parade

some people don’t like to travel while on competition prep, but it definitely can be done. i’m currently filming all of my days here for my YouTube channel so you guys can see how i still train and get in my meals all while enjoying my vacation!! the link is in my bio, so subscribe & be on the lookout✨💛 #7weeksout #competitionprep

yesterday i had the pleasure of attending a workshop put on at @ironworksgymbiloxi (swipe for the workout)
after the seminar I trained glutes with a new friend @tesslae and it brought back all of the old memories of where I was 3 years ago.
All I had was a vision. I trained at that exact gym before school everyday in hopes that I could one day make something of myself in this sport.
I’m so grateful for where I’ve been and for where I’m going. & if you’re somebody that’s been supportive of me at any time, I’m grateful for you, too💛

using @steelfitUSA buns of steel

I wanted to start a YouTube channel in high school.
2 years later, I finally did
I wanted to start filming workout videos and post fitness related content on my Instagram and social media when I was in high school.
2 months ago, i finally did

I was afraid of what people would think
I was afraid I would fail
I was just afraid
I’m no longer living paralyzed by these fears. Fitness makes me unbelievably happy, competing makes me feel unbelievably happy, & this video perfectly encapsulates that to me.
This is unapologetically me💛

p.s. this is just a lil clip from my full day of eating vlog that is now posted on my YouTube Channel. go check it out🌟
i could not have done this without @ashleykkfit for following me around with my camera
editing: done by yours truly 😋 #crunchtuscaloosa #crunchtv

happy saturday babes💛💛 today i got in a killer lower body workout & it was BRUTAL. *peep the struggle faces i make👀* &&& all of these clips + more will be in my FDOE prep vlog i’m filming today for my #youtube so be on the lookout!!! p.s. if ur not able to goof around at the gym, are you even having fun😅 thank you to @ashleykkfit who films for me and puts up with my goofy ass. go follow her! 🌟wearing: @gymsharkwomen 🌟using @steelfitusa buns of steel + watermelon lemonade BCAAs #crunchtuscaloosa #crunchtv

wassup my honeys🍯✨ filmed a lil bit from my back workout today!!
want a tiny waist? TRAIN YOUR BACK
strengthening your lats gives you that X shape illusion of a smaller waist. not to mention that having a strong back is hot on girls!! so get to lifting!

p.s. i use a belt bc i have some lower back issues & to keep my form in check

i also wanted to give y’all a little insight on my life at the moment, juggling my studies, prep life, and still having a life, all while trying to be happy and stress free! balancing all 3 is a def a struggle and i definitely have moments of weakness where i feel VERY overwhelmed. HOWEVER, it just takes serious time management skills, and taking everything day by day. I absolutely love prep life and know that all this hard work in bodybuilding AND in school will pay off. As will all of your hard work!! keep your heads up and embrace the struggle💛

outfit: @gymsharkwomen & nike
BCAAs in my jug: @steelfitusa flavor watermelon lemonade
braids: 2 days old and a product of laziness 🤷🏼‍♀️ #gymsharkwomen #iamsteelfit #back #11weeksout #bikiniprep #npc #fitnessmotivation #crunchtv #crunchtuscaloosa

glutes & hammies🍑🤩 happy tuesday beautiful ppl!!!
these are my favorite booty workouts that have helped me take my backside to the next level.
focusing on foundational movements and a bit of accessory work
✨warm up is in my highlights✨
1️⃣smith machine sumo squats
2️⃣Barbell RDL’s *my back was a lil arched my b*
3️⃣wide stance leg press
4️⃣glute thrusts
5️⃣lying hamstring curls
6️⃣walking lunges
7️⃣hyperextensions (insta wouldn’t let me post the last vid😒) outfit is @gymshark & @lululemon
also used my @steelfitusa buns of steel before this lift🌟 #steelfit #iamsteelfit

swipe for a lil booty burnin HIIT circuit🍑🔥
✨add this to the end of your lower body workout for some fun cardio✨
1️⃣ side to side box jumps
2️⃣toe taps
3️⃣squat to box jump
4️⃣box jump to burpee
(30 seconds for each exercise and repeat 2x)
wearing @gymshark and @lululemon

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