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Hailey Chelette  Taken 12/15/13 by T Brandon Faunce is my Best Friend Cody,T,Savannah:Kids Marc:Dad KiK:haileychelette SCRA 12/8/13 Undefeated Stingrays cheer: Krypton

My bestie lol live ya Kik nd ik this is a day late but #mcm @devinsnapp

Hey Rachel said this is what ur missin lol see u whenever have fun in New York or wherever

Skypin da babe <3 hehe Ur welcome

Hey loser how's Ur day been :*

Best friend over all: Brandon Faunce~ always has been always will be
Best friends in general: Brandon Faunce, @savannah_j_ @corriiiiiiin @lilt_randall @chris_wojno69 @Brandontbarnes21 ~I love u guys so much im here 4 here when u need me babes

Sweetest kid ever. I love !! @lilt_randall
Have great week :)

Happy Bday Preston I love u! I hope u had a great day! @preston_sanchez123

#MCM I love u so much. Ur 1 of NY best friends. Idk what I would do without u. Ur my son always!! @cody10237

I love.this kid. He is the sweetest person ever. And he is like the 1st guy ik that's not older then me well he is but I men like he is around my age and not a adult lol any1 that is actually a gentleman. I'm so proud I have him in my life. This is my son btw. I raised him well lol. But no he must have good parents.

Just past SCRA :/ I miss my girls so much. It's so depressin bc 4 a sec there I thou that was where I was goin then I remembered that it's over #SCRA #REDSKINS

Sorry it's backwards but getting ready 4 Stingrays practice. Can wait 2 see my daughter!! @savannah_j_ btw the hoodie says Rays

#stayFierce I love u guys so much text me 404 406 8601 or comment #s below #lastdaywithSCRA
If I didn't tag u (ik there is alot) Tag itself!!

This is Emily @devinsnapp

Hey guys...I'm bored..didn't go 2 school...in the phone with my boy @devinsnapp
Some1 text or Kik me

No likes? Ok

Me,Rachel, and Victor a couple weekends ago when SCRA (redskins) (senior division) win Grand Champs.

This is my Walrus crush wed lol I love this kid @ac_shaw

Mcm Luke agin...I better be ur wcw now lol @luke_howe_123

#WCW I love u girl ur so frecken gorgeous lol see u when I see u :) @savannah_j_

#MCM Agin lol I love u LukeyBear! Happy I made u it Agin? :)

Sorry it's upside down but I'm stingray Squidward #whatboredmdoestoyou

There is the shoe hehe I love vans but haven't got them yet sadly

Sorry bout my face guys..pretty attractive right lol anyways found a pair of vans that I like.. There's the bottom of it

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