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Hailey B.  You'd better redneckognize

3 nights down, 14 left to go! Next time I'll say yes to a 2.5 week, impromptu English vacation. #couldbegettingdrunkonstpaddysdayinengland #whatwasithinking ???

Decided to bring the "kids& #34; home while their father is in England. Yeah I know I'm weird. #comehomesoon !!!

Kaptin is the cat whisperer #crazycatman

Still the best movie from my childhood. I still believe in Bigfoot because of this movie. #johnlithgowistheshit #bigfootexistsimsure

Before you begin baking you must asses your cookie cutter situation. I should probably hit the store and get a few more. #itbegins #bakeordietrying

Shoutout to Odell for the sexiest accent of the night 😉 #esksdinner

Here we go again! 🏈 #esksdinner

Spotted the most precious pile of sleeping fur-babies in a store window ❤️ I want a baby kitten! #rescuecats #iwantanotherchild

Just sitting here trying to plan my next road trip and these damn dragonflies keep pestering me. #catsofinstagram

It's been a long four years since visiting Michigan and Ontario, and I absolutely fell in love with Michigan ❤️ Mackinac Island was by far the most beautiful place I've been (Sorry Seattle) #puremichigan #mackinacisland

Tonight feels like a good night to crack open my newest cookbook. Seriously @christinehmcconnell is the fucking bomb. #bakeordietrying #bakingbad

My talents include, perfectly capturing pickles via photography and then eating said pickle. #ishouldbeaprofessionalpicklephotographer

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