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I never post selfies on here

I told Hector once that I wish I could have the moon in my room and he made me this πŸŒ• it's the best and most thoughtful gift I've ever received πŸ’“ I don't know exactly how he made it because I'm not an artist but I do know he worked really hard on it 😁 ur the best and I love you a lot @branchesforantlers

loml πŸ‘―

lapis lazuli :) a visionary stone, activates psychic centers of third eye and balances energies of the throat. Helps u say the right thing 😁 #ajna

Just what I needed, Apache tears 😌 the story behind them is that a group of apaches were ambushed, and became outnumbered, and because their weapons were gone and they refused to surrender, they all jumped off a cliff and died. The women were sad af, so sad that their tears turned into stone when they hit the ground. Whoever owns the stone will never cry again as the women had cried enough tears already. Apache tears are a type of black obsidian and a stone of the root. They assist in relieving sadness and releasing negative emotions. Physically, they are used for detoxifying the body #muladhara

So happy with my citrine πŸ˜„ stone of success and promotes self confidence and dream recall #manipura


I had a lame ass anxiety attack today and I went home early and took a nap and I just woke up to find that my beautiful selenite palm stones had arrived and it made me feel 10x better πŸ’— I'm really, really happy with these, they remind of full moons 🌝🌝

I really love it πŸ’— thank you so much @branchesforantlers you're seriously the best :)

I rely on the little things to get me by

amethyst came in πŸ’œ the name derives from the Greek word "amethustos" which means "non-drunk" and it's said to aid with addictions like drinking and drugs by instilling a sober mind :) also a stone of the crown and third eye, and can help with making connections between earth planes and other worlds. Emotion-wise, it helps with grief and promotes peacefulness and happiness 😊

I got my lil selenite wand today 😌 stone of the third eye and crown, encourages mental clarity, it's an emotion stabilizer, and it removes energy blocks from basically anything, so u can use it to cleanse and charge ur other crystals. It can even act as a channel to other realms πŸ‘»

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