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HAIDO JI NGUYEN ❤️🍃✌🏻  With A Child’s Heart.

@snoopdogg & @iamjamiefoxx freestyle on @swayinthemorning was toooo smooth! Link is my bio. Enjoy ✌🏻#swayinthemorning @realsway

For every time I let you cry. @dvsndvsn #fullvideoinbio

I’m OG but new to the Game.
$ Me by @lionaireofficial . #fullvideoinbio

A lot of people asked me why I never started teaching dance classes or was a part of any dance community. To be Honest that Shit never seemed real to me, u know. And Im sick and tired of all the bullshit dancing that I see on the internet sometimes. First of all Im not a big Fan of dance classes because I feel like we Live in this Day and Age ,where the Internet gives us so much exposure to everything. If you really wanna learn something ,you can easily teach yourself how to do it. I been dancing for about 6-7 Years now and everything I know about music, dancing , filming and editing I taught myself. I’ve been to 15-20 classes in my Life, but that was enough for me to realize that you learn nothing from being in there. All those hype song , all those viral dance moves to get more views more follower. Most people don’t even attend classes to learn anymore but just to go viral or show off. man fuck that shit. Everybody wanna be Original but they all do the exact same shit over and over again. Its like no one cares about dancing as an Art form anymore. And its just makes me sad to see where everything is going. You know what I wanna promote and represent? Realness.Originality. I wanna Inspire you to live from heart and do everything in life from your heart. Doing it because it feels right and not because someone told you its right. Have your own Mind. Think for Yourself. Be Yourself. The World needs more people like that.
I wanna take the Art of Dancing to the next level. I wanna revolutionize dance. Real Dance. Real Expressions. I have so many Visions, its just too sad that I don’t have the opportunities and resources to make those Visions come true yet, because I’m still just a 23yr old boy living in his momma house trying to make his dreams come true and be free. Anyways I hope you feel me and enjoy my Get You by @danielcaesar video. Imma end this text with one of my favorite quotes from Albert Einstein, who inspired me a lot. „Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.“ #rant #fullvideoinbio

It was a saturday morning in my bed when the Idea of this just came to me. I just loved how my hand looked in the blue sky, just like a painting that came to life. So I took my camera out and filmed this.I know It’s something different but I hope you enjoy it anyways.
Honestly I feel like I came back harder with my videos than anyone expected ,since there are no dance Videos like that before. BUT TRUST ME when I tell you the next videos that imma be dropping ,will set the bar up higher again. Until Friday, I hope you enjoy this dancing hand of mine. #fullvideoonmyyoutube love yourself by @justinbieber .
Ps. you wanna see me dance to „Get You“ by Daniel Caesar? Don’t worry. I got u. 😏✌🏻🤯

Some Sunday Morning Vibes For U. Enjoy Your Day ✌🏻☀️❤️ @blackstreetofficial #fullvideoinbio

Multiply @asaprocky on my Youtube

I wish this would last forever.
link is in my bio. Enjoy Real Art. @bazzi

It’s time to fuck up the whole game.
New Videos Tomorrow. No Concept Video Like this before. @asaprocky

‘Cause everything I feel for you I wanna let you know #linkinbio

Feels like I filmed over 100 Videos in 2017. I know I didn’t post as much as I could have. I didn’t really like how I was dancing and it was hard being insecure about it since dancing is my life, but on the other side it also pushed me further than I ever thought. But I guess I reached a level, on which I’m comfortable with. At this point it’s not even dancing to me anymore because Im just expressing myself and I hope you can see that in my new videos. I think I never really got props for my dancing, especially for my musicality and my flow, because nobody was really aware of how much training it is behind those Videos. It took a lot to be able to Freestyle to a whole Song, without being repetitive, hitting all those sounds, keeping up the energy and the vibe of the song. But Im not here to kill every beat in every song . Im here to express the song and more important the feeling of the song, how it makes me feel when I hear that song, how it makes me move when I hear the song, so maybe you can even relate and understand the song a bit more. I want my Videos to mean something to someone who can relate to the feeling of an heartbreak or the feeling of just wanting to dance in this moment to the finesse by bruno mars lol. And idk maybe inspire you to start dancing because everybody needs a little bit of groove in their lives or even inspire you to follow what your heart wants. Because we can do everything we believe we can. I learned and did every thing on my own, so can you. Of course thank you to my 2 best friends, who helped me a lot to be where I’m at now, you know who you are. You the realest.I was planning on filming some videos but unfortunately bringing whats in my mind into reality will be expensive ,and you already its hard out here. But don’t worry I will upload the first video in the next days. Until then ✌🏻 HaiDo Ji Nguyen

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