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Martin R  Lone dad. So, this is what it feels like.


I maybe overdid the sauce, but, tikka masala sprouts 😊

Just found a rare, one winged haggis with its baby.

I've never been one for fitting in. I've never given in to peer pressure. Everything I've done, everything I've changed, has been for me, by me. So, after a little inner debate I've decided (at this moment in time) #imgoinggrey I'm going grey. I'm going to let the grey grow through my beard and see if I like it. I'm not getting any younger and I don't need to impress anyone, it's for me. Haters might hate. They don't bother me. And so, that's today's #3wordstory for @auttoman_empire
Play if your desires allow.

Good morning world.
It's cold again. It's Thursday.
I just saw this solitary blossom. Be that blossom. If you make one person smile, you've won.
Have a good Thursday world.

Finally talked daughter into seeing beauty and the beast 😊 I'm looking forward to it more than her 😂

I've had this CD sitting at work for ages. Today I decided to put it in the car for some different tunes. I had it on when daughter got in the car. She told me that today marks the four year anniversary of MCR splitting up.
And that, illustrates my theory in life cycles.

This is all I'm going to say about things. Be kind to your fellow humans. Always.

Remember I lost the last one I found?
Today I found another heart pip in my apple. Made sure this one doesn't break.
Always look for the little things.

Madness. It's madness.

The light side
The dark side.

If you look closely, the shape of the opening looks like a top down map of Scotland, framing the Bass Rock.
Tantallon Castle.

Good morning world. I have the bass rock in my grasp. Have a good Wednesday.

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