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Hafsa Kamara OLY  🕋☪ 🇸🇱 | Olympian 🖥️ | Director of Marketing @TLTFC 📍| Los Angeles, CA Snap/Tweet: @HafsaKamara @fabletics #MyFabletics

Find The Time To Spend With Yourself! 🕰 ✨
This weekend I spent three days straight inside hibernating, resting, reflecting, praying, and enjoying my presence.
It’s easy to forget to take care of yourself, especially when on the daily you are taking care of others.
Don’t underestimate self-care❗️
Take the time to sit with yourself; even if it’s only for 15 minutes in your car.
And just be still, completely still.
No music or phone.
Just you telling yourself:
Now go get it! #MondayMotivation
Feeling bright in my all @fabletics white ⚪️😜⚪️
Shop my FAVORITEEEEEE look this May at the link in my bio ☝🏾☝🏾☝🏾
#MyFabletics #Ad

The Finale!!! Part ☝🏾 + ✌🏾
How ever the heck you want! It’s yours to do what you want! That’s the fun part. You get to create the roadmap to what it is you are after. Yes, certain things are required but a freestyle is always appreciated.
Like all other athletes, I have to train and eat healthy in order for me to perform at an optimal level. HOW I do that is based on me.
I decide who coaches me, and I (and my body) decide what I can and can’t eat. Once you find out WHAT you need you can then decide HOW you need to go about it to achieve YOUR goal.
So to sum it all up:
✔️Find what YOU want
✔️Stamp a TIME on it
✔️Make it YOURS
Photo Credit: @Samanassefi
Hair: @prolificstyles_
Clothes: @fabletics

TRILOGY PART ✌🏾(Comeback game strong this time😅 couldn’t leave y’all hanging for too long!)
ummm YES! Put a date/time on your goals! Leaving things up to chance opens you up to more errors, delays, and inconsistencies than you can truly afford. Setting a timeline to when you want to achieve certain milestones in your journey will help keep you honest and focused.
But also be flexible with yourself, things do happen. DO leave room for life’s humble lessons to happen, but not enough room that YOU force life to teach you hard lessons.
Photo Credit: @Samanassefi
Hair: @prolificstyles_
Clothes: of course @fabletics
Shoes: @nike

This is a trilogy of things that I think about when I set a goal. I was talking to my bro @ianwarner310 about this; many times we find that we set goals but lack the motivation and/plan the plan to execute them. I try to implement steps towards each achievement I want to obtain so that I’m not only holding myself accountable, I’m also giving myself milestones to celebrate. It’s a marathon so embrace each victory in the journey.🏁💙
Here is the first thing I consider when setting a goal:
Not every achievement is for you. Some things that you see others accomplishing might not be something that represents you. You just might perform better in another area that you have yet to pursue because you are chasing someone else’s goal. Set your eyes on a prize that has YOUR name written on it.
That was Part ☝🏾 of the trilogy.
If you read the whole thing I love you🥰
If you didn’t then it doesn’t matter because you probably won’t see what I’m writing here shaming you for not reading the whole thing so therefore I’m just writing for no reason.🙃
Stay tuned for Part ✌🏾
When? Idk, hopefully this week😅 jk... maybe....okay bye.
Like and scroll away.❤️
The amazing photos that will be featured in this trilogy were taken by the amazing @samanassefi. This woman is honestly so genuine, so cool, and embodies badassery in such a humble way it’s insane. 💗
Photo Credit: @Samanassefi
Hair: @prolificstyles_

In this exact moment it’s all about what you are capable of TODAY.
Not last week,
not next week,
but right now.
Learn from yesterday and deal with the tomorrow when it comes.
But let today be your focus.
#RightNow || #HafIsHere
📸 @cbut23

|| flip the hair and let’s get to work💁🏾‍♀️
Some days the gym or the track isn’t where I want to but a workout must happen! That’s when I pull out my handy dandy home workouts! 🙌🏾 3-5 SETS of 8-15 REPS and you’ll be thinking, “What gym 🤔”
• Lunge Pulses
•Split Plank Knee Drives
• Plank Push Up W/ Kicks
• Side Planks w/ Kicks • Inchworm to finish it off 💁🏾‍♀️
[ I name the exercises how I see it. Sooo don’t be surprised if you we “tiger crawl to dolphin twist plank walk”😂😅]
You see my glow though!? ⭐️
The @fabletics Edge 2-Piece is one of my favorite ensembles thus far! Perfect all-white look before #MemorialDay 😜

Click on my profile link for the @fabletics month of May🌸👆🏾

Last night was one of the most inspiring, empowering and motivating experience I’ve ever been a part of.
The journeys shared of @brimcghee @barack_obutta @braidjogger @__nitfit touched us all in a way that was real and true. Congratulations to you all on this trophy in your pursuit for greatness!
@lloydpursall you truly captured the essence of what it means to KEEP ON in LA! 👏🏾 💕
Job well done to whole @nikelosangeles family
@jarick__ @rawlway, the production crew and everybody who played a part in producing a stellar project!

Happy 58th Independence Day
#SierraLeone 🇸🇱
Nah fuh yu we dey ya so,
Nah fuh yu we dey struggle so,
But struggle nuh Dey fuh long.
We ley pah climb, we dey nah dae grind.
Soon we go shine!
#Salone 🇸🇱💕

It’s Here! The new @b_ndstore products are out and so is the promo video featuring me🙋🏾‍♀️!
Had lots of fun during this shoot with the other @b_ndstore ladies!
Hit up @fittimaaa, who is a @b_ndstore affiliate, if you are looking for durable, functional bands to do a variety of exercises, including, push-ups, tricep pulls, bicep curls, squat rows, you name it, @b_ndstore long bands can do it, from home or at the gym! 🏋️‍♀️ .

I’m In No Rush.
One of the hardest things is being patient when working towards a result or goal.
ESPECIALLY when you are doing all that you can and the result has yet to meet you at door🚪 🙃

So keep waiting for it!
Hold on tight to what is working and keep executing.
Keep a growth mindset—embrace the challenge of WHEN IT HAPPENS rather than IF IT HAPPENS.
Above all else, keep the faith.
📸: @cbut23

“The anticipation of death is worse than reality itself.” - Coach Hicks, Coppin State

With that being said, the death I anticipated after back-to-back weekends of 4x4 was 👌🏾! The last time I ran a 4x4 @barackobama was just starting his second term so safe to saying I was getting some rust off.

I actually enjoyed running on the 4x4 relay this time around. It gave me a chance to switch my focus on ‘self’ to executing and producing with my #RTG squad. And due to my awesome training the lactic after was mildly spicy🌶

I’m curious: How many 4x4s have you all ran thus far? I believe I’m at < 1️⃣0️⃣😅🤷🏾‍♀️
(not counting high school. EVERYBODY ran the 4x4 in HS!)
#HAFisHere #TMC .
💣 👁 📸 :@cbut23

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